The Galaxy Z Flip 4 was just released by Samsung to great media and public acclaim. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 from last year, which was incredibly popular, has received quite a few noteworthy enhancements in this model. The device’s general shape and design scarcely alter. But the interior of the business has undergone significant alterations. The new clamshell foldable phone from PBKReviews is visible from the inside in a YouTube disassembly video of the device.

TEARDOWN OF GALAXY Z FLIP 4 The back of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is made of glass. With the use of moderate heat and a pry tool, either half of the rear panel can be easily removed. A cable that connects the motherboard and external display is fastened to the upper section. In order to better dissipate heat from the battery, Samsung has applied a graphene layer to the back panels.

The hinge area on the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is smaller than the Flip 3’s once the rear covering has been removed. A few other things, including where the antennas and battery connectors are located, also differ. However, they rarely matter. What matters is that Samsung has secured the selfie camera in place once more with adhesive. Thus, taking it out might not be a wise decision.

Advertisement To maintain the gadgets’ temperature under control, however, we can see some graphite sheets and thermal paste when we pull off the main board. The dual back cameras, the LED flash, and the multi-layered PCB itself may all be removed. Thankfully, you can simply snap out the connectors to remove the back cameras.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4’s next major alteration is located between the two batteries. We have a 1,070mAh battery in the top part, which is much larger than the Flip 3’s 930mAh battery. A second 2,630mAh battery is concealed beneath the wireless charging coil in the bottom half. The 2,370mAh battery found in the 2021 model is considerably smaller in comparison.

Unfortunately, the phone’s hinge isn’t covered in detail in this deconstruction video. Therefore, we are unable to determine what adjustments Samsung made this year to enable a smaller hinge design. However, it is clear that the corporation has covered ports and openings with rubber rings and watertight meshes to prevent flooding. The only company making foldable, water-resistant cellphones is still Korean.

Advertisement THE DEVICE REPAIRABILITY SCORE IS AFFECTED BY SAMSUNG GLUING COMPONENTS IN PLACE The Galaxy Z Flip 4 received a four out of ten repairability rating from PBKReviews. Samsung typically has such poor repairability scores because it chooses to glue parts into place. Pull tapes for batteries are not available from the Korean company. Additionally, the selfie camera and the vibrator motor are cemented into the device, making it more difficult to replace them.

However, if you enjoy viewing smartphones from the inside, watching this Galaxy Z Flip 4 deconstruction video may be enjoyable to your eyes. Below is a link to the complete video.


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