Even though the Samsung Galaxy S23 series won’t be available for another few months, leaks have already begun. The size, shape, and appearance of the next flagships have been revealed by one source in particular. Ice Universe is that. And the most recent piece of information they’ve released indicates that the Galaxy S23 series’ design will be inferior than the Galaxy S22’s.

Ice Universe has long maintained that Samsung’s upcoming flagship models will be overly similar to the company’s existing models. The rear camera array and borders, as well as the body shape and design language, will remain the same. The three Galaxy S23 models’ precise measurements were disclosed by the source last week, and this indicates no exterior modifications. The new phones are somewhat broader and taller, although these differences only amount to a few tenths of a millimeter.

Then what exactly is a downgrade, you would counter. Samsung has increased the bezel size, which unfortunately makes the Galaxy S23 phones taller and wider. Yes, the world’s top smartphone manufacturer is thickening the bezel on its flagship devices at a time when everyone is striving for designs with no bezels. The increase on the stock Galaxy S23 is 0.15mm on each of the four edges. If you hold the two gadgets side by side, you can tell. The Galaxy S23 may experience an even larger increase of 0.20mm all around based on the dimensions that were revealed in a leak last week. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S23 Ultra might mostly maintain the status quo.

Advertisement This might have anything to do with cost control, as the source implies. However, it is unlikely that customers will benefit from this cost-saving. Given the fiercer price competition in the Android flagship market, Samsung may simply be trying to boost its profit margins. The Galaxy S23 series should have enough internal advancements.

Galaxy S23 design bezel degradation, image 1 of 2

A 200MP camera will be the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s standout feature. It’s hardly unexpected that the Galaxy S23 series will have the same display as the Galaxy S22 and pack batteries with the same capacity given that their size and shape remain unchanged. However, there will be improvements in the software, processor, and camera departments. The Galaxy S23 Ultra, which will be Samsung’s first smartphone with a 200MP primary back camera, is all but officially confirmed to be coming. For the phone, the company is creating a new 200MP sensor.

Advertisement Additionally, it is rumored that Samsung would replace its proprietary Exynos processors with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset for the Galaxy S23 series. When compared to the consistently subpar performance of Exynos solutions, this will be a nice change. Additionally, we anticipate the business will incorporate a larger under-display fingerprint scanner and the recently disclosed UFS 4.0 storage option. Keep checking back for updates as additional information regarding the Galaxy S23 range leaks as the development goes on.


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