It’s possible that Samsung is developing an intriguing new camera feature for the Galaxy S22 series. When recording films in hyperlapse mode, a moderator on the company’s official community forums has hinted to controls over shooting parameters similar to those found in Pro mode.

This feature was just discovered by suggested on the Samsung community forums for South Korea. It was first noticed by TheGoAndroid , a Galaxy S22 Ultra user. They emphasized that you are now unable to manually manage shooting variables like shutter speed, ISO, and white balance when using hyperlapse mode. It is a mode for automatic shooting. As a result, it prevents photographers from making the most of the camera’s capabilities to capture the intended hyperlapse footage.

A handful of the moderators in charge of approving posts about cameras responded shortly after this suggestion was posted. While one stated that they would forward the recommendation to the relevant department for consideration, the other provided additional good news. They said that the functionality, which has previously been suggested by other users, is already being developed by the camera team. If everything goes according to plan, we might use Pro controls on the Galaxy S22 series in hyperlapse mode. Possibly on further Galaxy smartphones that are supported.

Advertisement The moderator responded, “A similar function was proposed… a few months ago” (Google translated). “…we looked over the application, and we’re getting ready to apply. Later, we’ll update you with some positive news. According to this claim, the functionality is already under development and will be released soon.

Samsung keeps enhancing the Galaxy S22 camera. The Galaxy S22, along with the standard Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 , has one of the greatest smartphone cameras on the market. Since their release, Samsung has made numerous software changes to the cameras. The business additionally provides the Expert RAW app for these phones. The default camera app lacks a number of professional-level photography features that this app offers. You can capture the shot exactly as you envision it because you have more precise control over the shooting parameters.

Now, it appears that there is more coming. The new function will enhance the Galaxy S22 camera’s capabilities even more. It appears that instead of Expert RAW, the Pro controls in hyperlapse mode will be a standard camera feature. However, Samsung is still working on the feature. Maybe the situation will turn out differently. We must hold off and see. Be assured that we will notify you as soon as this update becomes available.


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