The Nest Hub Max’s Fuchsia OS rollout has been finished by Google. In June, the company began seeding the new operating system to the model of smart display for 2019. Those individuals who had signed up for the Preview Program were the only ones who could access the initial release. However, Google ramped up the pace fast, and within two months had updated all Nest Hub Max devices globally to the Fuchsia OS.

The Linux-based Cast OS that came preinstalled on the Nest Hub Max has been replaced with Fuchsia. The UI and operation of the gadget are little affected. The addition of a Bluetooth menu in Settings is the only noticeable user-facing update, according to 9to5Google notes . It displays a list of every item your Nest Hub Max has ever been associated with. Additionally, you may use the Hub Max as a Bluetooth speaker from here or pair new devices. The Cast OS did not have these capabilities. The Google Home app must be used to configure Bluetooth connections for your Nest Hub Max.

A shortcut for Search has also been added to the Nest smart display’s app launcher. The gadget has 17 shortcuts total. The remaining functionality is unaltered, so much so that many people might not notice the switch in operating system. Go to System settings andgt; About device to see if Fuchsia OS has been installed on your device. The software ought to be Fuchsia 6.20211109.1.3166243.

Advertisement In the future, FUCHSIA OS will appear in more nest hub models. Google has been developing a new operating system called Fuchsia for a number of years. As far as the general public was aware, the first progress was fairly slow. But last year, amid rumors that businesses like Samsung were aiding with the construction, the project began to gain momentum.

The first-generation Nest Hub (formerly Google Home Hub), which came pre-installed with Cast OS, received the Fuchsia OS update in August of last year. It was the first real-world product ever to be powered by the new OS. The Nest Hub Max was later updated by Google to Fuchsia. And it appears like it will continue. This OS upgrade will apparently also be made to the Nest Hub (2nd generation).

Google is also enhancing the platform at the same time. In order to support the Matter over Thread standard, the Nest Hub Max’s capacity to function as a bridge and range extender will be removed in the upcoming major upgrade for Fuchsia (version F7). As Google expands the availability of Fuchsia on additional devices, we anticipate further advancements.


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