The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series is almost available officially, so if you pre-ordered one, you’ll want to be ready by making a list of all the top watch apps. All apps accessible in the Play Store on the watch should be compatible with the Galaxy Watch 5 and the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, regardless of the model you purchased (or intend to purchase). However, this does not preclude the possibility of some future games being Pro-only.

We’ve compiled a list of the top Galaxy Watch 5 series device apps based on our limited experience with the watches so far. Remember that not everyone will find these apps appealing. And thats perfectly ok. Having saying that, we do believe that these are some of the top Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro apps available. And we firmly believe they merit consideration if you decide to purchase Samsung’s newest smartwatch.

THE BEST SAMSUNG GALAXY WATCH 5 SERIES APPS The top apps for the Galaxy Watch 5 series are shown in the table below. Below the chart, you can read a somewhat more thorough explanation of each application.

Downloading advertisements from an app is expensive (per item) Free Spotify; $9.99 Free $0 Google Assistant Free Google Pay: $ Free Samsung Health $0; Free Facer $0.49; Price: $39.99 AccuWeather is free for $0.99 and YouTube Music is free for $9.99. Free Kamoot $0.99 $99.99 Free Google Maps; nothing SPOTIFY

Spotify best music streaming apps Android

Samsung Pay Free $0 “alt=”Spotify top Android music streaming apps”>

Free with $9.99 in-app purchases Size: 1B Rating on Google Play: 4.4 One of the most widely used music and podcast streaming services worldwide is Spotify. And it may be said that it is the most well-liked of them all. Despite its popularity, it’s one of the greatest apps for the Galaxy Watch 5 series because it serves as a controller for Spotify’s phone app’s music streaming. This is a wonderful app to have if you frequently wear your phone on your person while using a smartwatch.

The Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro will instantly display the playback controls once you begin streaming on Spotify using the phone app. Whenever the Spotify app is running. Additionally, you may download songs to the watch via the Spotify app for offline listening. Which is wonderful if you decide to go for a run without taking your phone. All that’s left to do is pair the watch with a set of wireless earphones or headphones, and you’re ready to go.

Advertisement Granted, the $9.99 per month Spotify Premium subscription is required to get the most out of the software. But if you use Spotify, it’s totally worth it.


Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Google Assistant

alt=”Google Assistant Galaxy Watch 5 Pro” “>

Free with no in-app purchases Size: 10M Rating on Google Play: 4.1 This one really needs no explanation. One of the greatest apps for the Galaxy Watch 5 is Google Assistant, which can be a useful tool for hands-free use. You have a pressing need for a solution, but you’re also very busy. Ask your Galaxy Watch 5 by raising your wrist. You can find what you need using Google. In most cases, anyway.

Advertisement Additionally, this performs a zillion times better than Bixby on the watch. primarily because it works with a lot more stuff. In the end, you might find that this is one of the apps you use the most. If it isn’t, you should utilize it more frequently because it undoubtedly makes many tasks simpler.

AH Google Pay Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

GOOGLE PAY “Alt text for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic:

Free with no in-app purchases 51MB in size Rating on Google Play: 4.1 You can make purchases at stores without removing your wallet or phone. You only need to tap once. However, in order to use Google Pay from the watch display, you still need to set up a lock on it. Even so, it might still be quicker than getting your phone out of your pocket and repeating the process. Because using phones requires you to take the same steps.

Advertisement Google Pay is one of the better apps if you primarily use Google Pay for your contactless payments, even if Samsung Pay is also accessible on the Galaxy Watch 5. This is one that is not automatically included in the watch list. Therefore, if you want to utilize it, you must install this one on the watch. As opposed to Google Assistant, which comes pre-installed on the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. However, it doesn’t appear like Google Pay is presently accessible for the Galaxy Watch 5 series. Since a watch-based search on the Play Store produced no results.

However, it should be available shortly since it is already available on the Galaxy Watch 4. Hopefully.
Galaxy Watch 5 Samsung Health

Galaxy Watch 5 Samsung Health


Advertisement Cost: Free 0$ for in-app purchases Size: 10M Rating on Google Play: 4.6 A decent tool for keeping track of all of your health measures is Samsung Health. Although we prefer the Fitbit app, Samsung Health is a great alternative for owners of Galaxy Watch 5 devices. especially if you intend to utilize the watch to monitor your nightly sleep statistics. You may use the app to track a variety of things, including your daily fitness objectives, other activities, and your step count.

Samsung Health will do the trick if you need a quick look at anything, from how many calories you’ve consumed so far in a day to measuring your stress levels and blood oxygen levels. This watch must have this app, without a certain. Additionally, the Galaxy Watch 5 series already has it pre-installed because it is a Samsung app.



IMG8 “alt=”Facer”>

Price of the advertisement: free Buy-ins within the app: $0.49 $39.99 Size: 10M Rating on Google Play: 4.2 The go-to app for changing the watch face is called Facer. There are no other apps that offer as many choices as Facer. The Galaxy Watch 5 comes with a respectable selection of watch faces already installed. While those are good, there isn’t anything really customized. You may customize your watch face with a ton of different things with Facer. Both free and paid watch faces are available.

You shouldn’t have any trouble selecting a watch face you like, though, with more than 15,000 variations available. In fact, you’ll likely locate a good number of them. Even animated watch face possibilities exist. To find a certain item, you can also conduct a direct search or browse by category.

It’s worth checking out if you’ve never used it. You won’t be sorry.
Advertisement YouTube Music Wear OS 3 YOUTUBE MUSIC

YouTube Music Wear OS 3

” “>

Free with in-app purchases; $9.99 overall Size: 1B Rating on Google Play: 4.4 On Wear OS smartwatches, Spotify isn’t the only music streaming provider accessible. There is also Google’s own YouTube Music. And since it first debuted earlier this year, it has greatly improved. You may utilize the app, much as with Spotify, to manage the playback of music streaming from the app on your phone. Additionally, you can add songs to your watch for offline listening.

Don’t forget to download this music streaming app to your watch if you use it on your phone.

Spotify best music streaming apps Android

0 by AccuWeather


In-app purchases are available for $0.99 and $19.99. Size: 100M Rating on Google Play: 4.0 The Galaxy Watch 5 series already includes weather information, but you might need a little more than that. And if that turns out to be the case, then AccuWeather is a great choice. From your wrist, you can get your local weather forecast, a storm tracker, radar maps, and live weather news. The Galaxy Watch 5 series’ top apps are as a result of this.

Additionally, after installation, you ought to be able to configure it as one of the tiles so that you don’t constantly have to open the app to use its functions.

Spotify best music streaming apps Android


with the alt text “Kamoot” “>

In-app purchases are free and cost $0.99 or $99.99. Size: 10M Rating on Google Play: 4.6 If you enjoy biking and hiking, you need to have this app. You can obtain routes for particular sport types on Kamoot, which also shows them so you know where to go. Whatever the activity, you can easily locate trails. Keep an eye on them to ensure that you are remaining on course. Additionally, it provides turn-by-turn GPS navigation if you need a little additional assistance avoiding getting lost.

Maps on Google

Spotify best music streaming apps Android


Spotify best music streaming apps Android

3 “Google Maps image alt

Free with no in-app purchases Size: 10B Rating on Google Play: 4.3 There should be no need to introduce Google Maps. The watch already has this map installed, but you can choose to remove it. However, we are unsure about your motivation. This is the place to go for any mapping-related questions that aren’t specifically for sporting trails like the Kamoot app up top. Additionally, you may simply access routes and maps saved on the phone app for directions and navigation from the watch.

Galaxy Watch 4 Samsung Pay

Spotify best music streaming apps Android



Free with no in-app purchases Amount: N/A Rating on Google Play: N/A This app is pre-installed on the Galaxy Watch 5s and cannot be removed, thus you won’t find it on the Play Store app. The Galaxy Watch 5 series still has some of the best apps available. due to two key factors at the moment. One is that it enables contactless purchases in shops. where permitted, obviously. Additionally, Google Pay isn’t yet accessible on the Galaxy Watch 5 (for some weird reason), so you’ll need to use this method if you want to make contactless purchases with your Galaxy Watch 5 or Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.


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