Google is making the Fuchsia operating system accessible for the Nest Hub Max around a year after it debuted on the original Nest Hub.

Google has been covertly working on Fuchsia, an operating system designed to displace or compete with Linux, for more than five years. While many Google supporters had hoped that the launch of Fuchsia would be as dramatic as that of Android in 2008, the actual announcement was almost as low-key as the development process itself.

The company officially distributed Fuchsia to owners of the first-generation Nest Hub within a few weeks after Google I/O 2021, but it was done in a way that made it difficult for most users to know that anything had changed at all. Later, Google released a formal guide to help enthusiasts determine whether their smart display has received the Fuchsia update.

Despite the few issues, this was a remarkable feat given how much was changing and how many things could go wrong in such an upgrade without a way to downgrade if anything did go wrong. It was like updating the drivetrain on a car while it was speeding down the freeway with the family inside listening to the radio, as one Googler put it at the time.

According to Google, the Fuchsia color option is now becoming available for the 2019 Nest Hub Max, starting with a limited distribution to some members of the Preview Program. Google claims that this most recent upgrade will not include any appreciable changes to the Nest Hub Max’s feature set, but we’ll need to try it out to be sure, much as last year’s Fuchsia launch changed little for the original Nest Hub.

Nest Hub tablet

Given that the Nest Hub Max also functions as a Nest camera in your house, this upgrade is perhaps a little trickier to implement than even last year’s. Given its possible impact on the security of your home, the Fuchsia upgrade must be practically faultless. Despite this, Google has assured us that the deployment of Fuchsia for Nest Hub Max owners will be quicker this time around than it was last year.

The fact that Google made the effort to update a second device suggests that Fuchsia may eventually replace Cast OS as the default operating system on devices. The Nest Hub (2nd Gen) is presumably the next device to receive the Fuchsia update, although the fate of Google’s numerous smart speakers and Chromecast dongles is still unknown.

However, Google has revealed much more ambitious ideas and goals for the future of Fuchsia than just the smart home over the years.
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