Mobile games on Netflix are starting to have game handles. Just in case you doubted how socially engaging Netflix’s mobile games were. According to TechCrunch , Netflix has been gently testing the integration of a capability for handling video games.

It appears to be absent in just a few of the games offered in its app thus far. include Heads Up!, Bowling Ballers, Mahjong Solitaire, and Into The Breach. With Into The Breach game handles going live as early as July 19 of this year. Netflix hasn’t said when it will make game handles available for its other mobile games, but it seems the business is striving to increase the feature’s availability.

In fact, it seems like the first of a few new social elements is game handles.

Advertisement A FEW SOCIAL FEATURES STARTING WITH NETFLIX MOBILE GAME HANDLES Game handles seem to be a good place to start when trying to make games more sociable. Even while Netflix won’t say what the new features will be, more social elements appear to be in the works.

TechCrunch cites references in the code of the Netflix applications that imply the firm is developing at least two additional social capabilities. Including the capacity to invite other players to join you in playing games. Additionally, it appears that Netflix will eventually include leaderboards for games.

DON’T SHOW YOUR NETFLIX ID TO OTHER PLAYERS In the end, anonymity is really what it all comes down to. When playing online games, you can give yourself a moniker by using a game handle. Yes, your real-life pals will recognize you by your game handle. Others, however, won’t. Users won’t be able to see your Netflix identify once they are in place. Your Netflix name and profile icon won’t be visible when the game handle is applied, according to Netflix.

Advertisement Those that value this particular feature set from online gaming will undoubtedly want to use it. However, it’s yet unclear whether handles will actually enable Netflix to boost gamer engagement on mobile devices.


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