Discord is introducing its brand-new forum channels feature today to aid in the improvement of talks. This is mostly intended for huge Discord communities with a large membership. To that end, only servers with the Community option activated will have access to this feature.

While Discord doesn’t explicitly explain why it won’t add this capability to non-community servers, it is understandable. Most likely, there aren’t too many users on non-community servers. A personal server you have for yourself and a few pals might only have 20 people on it, in contrast to your favorite community server, which may have thousands of users. With so few individuals present, it’s likely that conversations won’t have too much trouble staying on topic. Additionally, there is significantly less likelihood that something will be lost.

You can still utilize threads on regular, non-community servers even if you are concerned about that. Keeping chats on topic is achieved via another fantastic feature that Discord introduced last year for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and the web.


You should soon start to see the forum channels functionality roll out if you have a community server. According to Discord, forum channels are currently progressively rolling out. As a result, there’s a potential that the feature won’t be available on all Community servers just yet. However, there is a simple way for you to check.

Click the button to establish a new channel by hovering your cursor over any of the channel lists on your Community server. Your community server should already have access to the feature if you see forum listed as a channel type to choose from.


Obviously, having a concentrated conversation is the main motivation for creating a forum channel. But the major justification for doing so is that. When compared to a standard text channel or thread, using a forum channel has additional advantages. For instance, larger bolded titles on forum channel postings make it simpler to find specific topics. In order to provide you a bit more context for the topics being discussed, each forum channel post is also divided by banners and has pertinent tags shown.

Advertisement Additionally, before participating in a discussion, you can view what is being discussed on the right-hand side of the user interface by clicking on any forum channel post. For searching further posts, forum channels also have their own search archives. Additionally, server administrators and moderators have the power to enforce role-specific restrictions or limit some users’ access to forum channels. However, anyone with access can create posts for a forum channel once it has been formed in order to start a topic. similar to a genuine forum


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