Rumbleverse and a few other games were released for GeForce NOW this week. All of which will be streamable starting on Thursday, August 11. assuming you already own the games for each platform. Consider Steam or the Epic Games Store.

All indications point to this week’s GeForce NOW library additions being more about quality than quantity. While many weeks feature top-notch games, they are sometimes also crammed with those that don’t seem to be as good as others. This week is distinctive. Only 7 new games have been added. However, more than half of them are outstanding and extremely well-liked.

That is encouraging for everyone who has these games and a GeForce NOW subscription. As a result, they can now play them with considerable ease at home or while traveling.

Advertisement This week, there are other top-tier titles on the GEFORCE besides Rumblerse. Rumbleverse is unquestionably one of the GeForce NOW games to watch this week, but it’s not the only one you need. Cult Of The Lamb, another incredibly well-liked release, is also accessible as a new addition. The action roguelike game, which had its formal debut on August 11, requires players to assume the role of a possessed lamb. Your objective is to attract a cult of devotees who will revere the person who delivers you from impending death.

There are also Arcade Paradise and Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus in addition to those two games. Tyrants Blessing, Farthest Frontier, and Infinite Lagrange are among the games that are still available. Some of these can be purchased through the Epic Games Store, while others can be found on Steam.

This week, the service is getting more than just new games. Also recently launched was the Hunted season of Apex Legends. When the game loads, GeForce NOW subscribers will have access to this material. The brand-new legend Vantage, a new map, a higher level cap, and other additions are all included in this new season. Overall, a successful week for subscribers. A better time has never existed to check out GeForce NOW.


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