Alt-text in Gmail is one of the new features that Google is previewing for Global Accessibility Awareness Day across a number of its products that encompass Workspace and Android.

Gmail will soon allows you to transmit images, including GIFs, with alt-text so that recipients who use screen readers can hear sender-generated descriptions of those assets. This will begin to be implemented today.

With multipin, multiple video tiles can be set to always appear in Google Meet. This is the best option for ASL users who want to watch both the speaker and the interpreter’s streams at once. The movie will be released this summer after receiving its initial sneak peek last year.

Moving on to videos, English audio descriptions are now internationally available for all English language YouTube Originals material from the previous year and moving forward:
The audio description track can be activated by clicking Settings in the video player’s bottom right corner, choosing Audio track, and selecting English descriptive.

Beginning with the third beta of Android 13 for the mobile front , the Talkback screen reader will come pre-loaded with support for Braille displays. This implies that the majority of Braille displays can be used without any further downloads.

In the past, consumers either utilized an virtual keyboard within Talkback in place of a physical device or the BrailleBack software, which could be downloaded separately from the Play Store, to link their Android devices to Braille displays.

New shortcuts are also being added to Talkback to make it simpler to navigate (scroll and go to the next character, word, or line), edit (jump to the end of documents, or pick, copy, and paste), and change settings. Google Docs recently added Braille comments and highlights for improvements .

When the next beta version of Talkback 13 is out, you can sign up for the Android beta program to test it out.

With support for commands like new line, help, and undo, Chrome OS, lets you voice into any text field (click the microphone icon in the status area or hit Search d to dictate).

French , Hindi , Japanese , and will soon 0 are now included in Project Euphonia’s study on developing more inclusive speech recognition models for people with speech impairments.

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