The Xbox Elite Series 2 Core, Microsoft’s newest controller, was unveiled today. As its name implies, this new controller only includes the essential features of the Elite Series 2 and leaves out some of the frills. In order to reduce the price, Microsoft is essentially removing almost all of the supplied accessories. Aside from the missing attachments, the controller is identical to the first Elite Series 2 controller and also comes in a new white hue.

For those who are unfamiliar, the black original Xbox Elite Series 2 controller costs $179.99 at retail. Even yet, you can frequently buy it on sale for a little less. Retail price for the brand-new Xbox Elite Series 2 Core is $129.99. Thus, you make a $50 savings. In addition, the controller is already available for pre-order; it will officially go on sale on September 21. Having said that, you can presently purchase the Elite Series 2 on Amazon for $154.99. And there is a key reason why this is significant. For what reason? the add-on component set.

$60 will get you the Xbox Elite Series 2 Core Component Pack. We understand what Microsoft is attempting to do, to be sure. For individuals who only need the essential functionality of the controller, it is providing an less expensive version of the Elite Series 2. Then, in case anyone desires to upgrade, it is providing the original’s missing accessories in an optional bundle. The problem is the bundle runs you $60. It costs $190 to purchase the Elite Series 2 Core followed by the component pack. The Elite Series 2 in black costs $10 extra. This includes all of that without charging extra.

Advertisement And that doesn’t account for the ongoing price reductions on the original. The original is currently on sale on Amazon for $154.99, as was already mentioned. And it has previously been less expensive. The point is that if you know you’ll eventually purchase the component pack, the Elite Series 2 Core isn’t a particularly good price.

If you don’t purchase the component pack, the following will be missing. Two medium and two long back paddles, a regular d-pad, two more classic thumbsticks, a dome thumbstick, a tall thumbstick, the charging dock, and a carrying case complete the accessory set. Only the USB-C charging cord and the thumbstick adjustment tool are included with the Core. You’re definitely better off with the original controller in black unless you truly want the controller in white with the accessories or you don’t care about the accessories.

Xbox Elite Series 2 – Core – White / Elite Series 2 – Black


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