The Nebula Cosmos 1080p Projector is currently available on Amazon for for $649. You will receive a $150 discount off the list price as a result.

If you clip the coupon from the page, you’ll save an additional $50 off Amazon’s already-discounted price of $100. By doing so, the price drops from $799 to $649.

The Nebula Cosmos also comes in a 4K model is currently on sale if you want a 4K projector. It is presently on sale for $1,399, $200 less than what it normally costs.

Advertisement In comparison to the Nebula Cosmos Max that I reviewed earlier this month, the Nebula Cosmos 1080p Projector is less expensive. This review may be read here. This is 1080p and less bright, which is the greatest difference between the two. Despite this, it is still very bright. reaching 900 Lumens. So even with light in the room, you can still use this.

All of your favorite Android apps are accessible here because it runs on Android TV. such as Peacock, Hulu, YouTube TV, HBO MAX, and others. There is a Netflix app accessible, but it is the Android smartphone app and not the Android TV app because of how Netflix certifies new devices. Additionally, the Nebula app must be used first. Which is a minor inconvenience. But Netflix’s policies are to blame for that. So bear it in mind as you proceed.

Unlike several of Nebula’s other projectors, this one is not portable. As a result, you are receiving a sizable projector that requires a plug. That’s not too bad. Chromecast and Google Assistant are included, though. Therefore, you’re still having a great time here.

Advertisement You should add this projector to your living room. particularly if you don’t have much space for a TV.

The Nebula Cosmos 1080p Projector is currently on sale at Amazon ( by clicking here ). You should take advantage of this sale while it still exists because it won’t last long.

Nebula Cosmos 1080p Projector – Amazon


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