Right now, Amazon is offering the Anker Nano II 65W wall charger for just $35, which is a fantastic value. That reduces the item’s usual price by $15.

It’s actually wonderful that this charger only has one port. Because you won’t have to worry about which port to use to charge your device quickly or how many devices you can plug in without significantly slowing down the charging process. Here, there is a single USB-C connector with a 65W charging capacity.

If you’re concerned about a phone like the Galaxy Z Fold 4, you should know that it charges at only 25W, not 65W. Dont. This charger, like the majority of them, will only charge that phone at its fastest rate. therefore, 25W. It will only give as much power as the gadget can manage, just like with any other device.

Advertisement However, you’re only getting roughly half of that speed on a device like the OnePlus 10T, which can produce 125W. But it won’t matter because it will be better for the battery than constantly charging at 125W.

Why is the name of this charger nano? Well, for one thing, it’s fairly small. In order to keep their chargers cool, Anker and a few other manufacturers are switching from silicon to gallium nitride. Gallium Nitride’s ability to keep components cool while requiring less material and space is a significant benefit. Because of this, the 5W charger that Apple included in its iPhone boxes up until the iPhone 12 is almost the same size as this 65W charger. And because it will take up less room in your backpack, it makes it incredibly beneficial for traveling. Who wouldn’t adore that?

The Anker Nano II 65W wall charger is currently available at Amazon by clicking here . There is not much time left in this sale, so move quickly.

Announcement Anker Nano II 65W – Amazon


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