The Shark IQ AV970 robot vacuum is currently available on Amazon for for $329. You will receive a $70 discount off the item’s normal retail cost. That is an incredibly reasonable cost for a robot cleaner. Although it is not a self-emptying robot vacuum, the additional large dustbin means that you will need to empty it less frequently. And that is always practical.

To ensure a thorough cleaning of the entire house, the Shark IQ Robot vacuum uses IQ Navigation to move to the next room and clean rows at a time. Shark suction power and a self-cleaning brushroll help the Shark IQ Robot eliminate hair wrap as it cleans. Dust, debris, and pet allergens are all captured by the XL dust container and high-efficiency filter. Make sure the carpets and flooring in your house are always clean.

It has the ability to thoroughly clean floors and carpets by removing large, tiny, and pet hair. A self-cleaning brushroll also eliminates the need for hair wrap by removing pet and long hair as it cleans.

Advertisement With the sharkclean app or voice control with Alexa or Google Assistant, scheduling whole-home cleanings is simple. In order to thoroughly clean the entire house, it will carefully clean row by row before moving on to the next room.

The Shark IQ AV970 is a pet-friendly automatic vacuum that includes a self-cleaning brushroll, a large dust bin, and a high-efficiency filter to capture dust, pet dander, and other allergens.

Due to the two spinning side brushes, your home’s floors are kept clean by collecting debris from corners and edges. It is remarkable for a robotic vacuum. And is actually a fairly uncommon function on modern robot vacuums.

Advertisement You can get the Shark IQ AV970 self-cleaning robot vacuum by clicking here . You’ll want to take advantage of this sale while it still exists because it won’t last long.

Shark IQ AV970 – Amazon


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