There are usually features that were influenced by each other when Google and Apple release their most recent OS versions each year. Someone always invented a new customizing feature, design, or accessibility first. The top five iOS 16 functionalities that Android phones can currently do were developed by Google initially and are listed below.

Smarter Lock Screen Automatic Sharing in Photos Smarter dictation with punctuation and user interaction Multiple stops in Maps Live Captions More on iOS 16: STRONGER LOCK SCREEN

iOS 16 lock screen

iOS 16 lock screen clock customization
ios 16 lock screen widget customization

I’ll be the first to acknowledge that iOS 16’s new lock screen is gorgeous. It’s brilliant and stunning how Apple employs the depth effect to give photographs depth and reality while interacting with the clock. It’s fantastic to have complications for health, stock, battery, and weather similar to those on the Apple Watch. The iOS typeface and clock/complication color can be changed to either match the wallpaper or a different color. Everything is in your hands.

But a lot of this was done initially by Google. With its At a Glance widget, Google can intelligently forecast your needs and give you similar information. The weather and date are constantly displayed, but intelligent information is also displayed, such as forthcoming events, hurricane warnings, or boarding passes before boarding a flight. Although those are more potent than what Apple gives, you can’t always manually select what you want. There is also a color changeable clock. It will use the Material You color scheme, which goes well with your wall covering. Android 12 has four color palette selections, whereas Android 13 offers up to twelve.

Android 13 Lock Screen
Android 13 Lock Screen
Android 13 Lock Screen Customization
Android 13 Lock Screen Customization

Live Activities, a far more minor addition by Apple, allows apps to put a widget to the bottom of the lock screen that displays data such as sports scores or Uber distance. Similar to Android alerts, which have been made available to app developers for years on Android, this is essentially the same thing.

The new iOS 16 Lock Screen is fantastic for iOS users; it looks fantastic and functions well, but it also offers something that Android users have had for years. Despite the fact that it is safe to say Google substantially influenced Apple, iOS users are fortunate to have it now.


iOS iCloud Photo Library

With iOS 16, you can now set the Photos app to automatically share family photo albums that everyone can view. You can choose to allow all images taken after a specified date or all images including them. Even the camera app has a button that instantly uploads images to the shared album. Everyone now has equal access to add, edit, and delete photographs in this shared album. Everybody has equal access, and everything in the record is shared with everyone.

This has been happening for at least two years with Google Photos. In Google Photos’ counterpart, Partner Sharing, you can automatically share pictures that feature that individual. It is not restricted to only Apple products but has all the same functionality as Apple’s. Since Google Photographs is a web-based application, you may upload DSLR photos from any computer and have them share.

Google Photos Partner Sharing Setup

Google also offers automatic albums that you can share in addition to this. All of the pictures you snap of a specific person or animal will be instantly added to an album that can be shared via a link or directly through the app. Even better, you can enable cooperation so that other people can contribute their own images. Every photo of each buddy in the group can be configured to be added automatically, and everyone in the group will have access to the album.

Despite not being as new, Google’s feature is still a little bit more potent than Apple’s. Fortunately for iOS users, you don’t need to wait for iOS 16 to use these capabilities; just download the Google Photos app to your iPhone.


iOS 16 Dictation
Google Assistant Voice Typing

With iOS 16, you may now modify and interact with the text you’re dictating as you go. Simply tell the phone what you want to do and it will be done. You can click and remove anything. Additionally, punctuation is now filled in automatically.

The Google Assistant voice typing capabilities from the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are virtually identical to these dictation functionalities. The same functionality, including voice control over previously typed text and appropriate punctuation, are included.

I’ve used both the iOS 16 and the Assistant voice type, and Google continues to have a significant advantage with this capability. iOS 16 still has trouble understanding me correctly and prefers to use punctuation when it shouldn’t. However, since this is the first beta of iOS 16, it’s possible that this function will get better.


iOS 16 lock screen


iOS 16 lock screen


Up to 15 stops can now be added to a route in Apple Maps. At this point, Google Maps has had this ostensibly straightforward feature for years. The only significant distinction between these capabilities is that Apple Maps allows up to 15 stops while Google Maps only allows a maximum of 10. You may always download the Google Maps app to your iPhone if you want several stops right now on iOS.

iOS 16 lock screen


iOS 16 lock screen


At Google I/O in 2019, Live Captions were unveiled as a way to use Google’s voice recognition technology to generate captions for content on phones without closed captions. With the exception of phone calls, it would generate them in real time for any audio. Google made this announcement for calls in March of this year.

This functionality is included in iOS 16 exactly. Any app, including calls and FaceTime, has real-time audio captioning. Even the UI is the same. However, after a brief test, it does appear to be somewhat slower and less precise than Google’s option.

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