The Information says that Meta, the firm formerly known as Facebook, is delaying a 2024 debut of AR glasses while Portal enters the market first. This follows yesterday night’s disclosure that Meta has shelved its first wearable.

Although it appeared that the Portal line of smart displays was gaining popularity in recent years, particularly amid the surge in pandemics video calling, Meta would no longer produce any further Portal products for consumers.

However, despite the fact that sales of the devices reportedly increased by about 30% year over year from an IDC forecast 600,000 in 2020 to 800,000 last year, Portal is now a corporate product focused at hybrid work.

Even still, according to IDC, the product only accounts for less than 1% of the global market. The market leader is the 2014-released Amazon Echo, followed by the 2016-released Google Home gadgets.

facebook portal family

Meanwhile, it has long been known that Meta planned to release its first pair of smart glasses in the year 2024. The most recent claims claim that Project Nazare was a wirelessly connected computing/processing device that looked like standard black frames but weighed four times as much (100 grams). A unique OS project was abandoned, and Android now serves as the foundation.

According to the latest information, Nazare won’t be released on the market; instead, it will only serve as a showcase item. With this delay, attention is now focused on Metas’ current Artemis-codenamed second-generation AR glasses. The pair of glasses that would follow Nazare were stated to arrive two years later with a lighter, more sophisticated design when The Verge provided a chronology of Metas AR activities in April.

According to the latest report, Google will introduce its Iris mixed reality headset in 2024. By then, Metas Cambria and the Apple version will have most certainly been released. Of course, glasses are the true form factor for augmented reality, and Google has not yet confirmed any rumors about when this may happen.

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