Uber will start letting US drivers know how much they may make from a journey.

In a blog post detailing planned platform changes, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said (Opens in a new window) stated: “One thing we’ve heard loud and clear is that making the Driver app the very best platform to earn demands three things: more flexibility, more choice, and more support.

Upfront Fares is the first feature that is presented. According to Khosrowshahi’s blog post, “Our new trip request screen makes it easier for drivers to evaluate if a trip is worth their time and effort by offering all the specifics up front, including exactly how much they will earn and where they’re going.”

The next feature is called Trip Radar, which, according to Khosrowshahi, “let{s} drivers view a list of alternative trips happening nearby” so they may “choose another trip that would work better for them” if they don’t like the first one the ride-hailing company offers them.

It’s surprising that 13 years after Uber’s debut, any feature still needed to be revealed. Who would have anticipated that Uber supplied such little information about possible profits or severely limited drivers’ ability to choose their trip requests, other from those who drive for the platform?


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In the upcoming months, according to Khosrowshahi, Uber will also be implementing a number of other improvements, including a cooperation with “Mastercard, Branch, and Marqeta on a new Uber Pro debit card and checking account that will help drivers save on petrol, fees, and more.”

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