Spotify swiftly rose to prominence as one of the best sources for podcasts, and it shows no signs of slowing down. However, YouTube began developing its own push into podcasts last year, and we are now getting a preview of what the business will provide. You can find podcasts on the company’s new page that it has created.

YouTube’s foray into podcasts began in 2021, but until today, nothing has come of it. Kai Chuk, a veteran of the organization for ten years at the time, was chosen to lead the project.

A PODCASTS PAGE ROLLS UP ON YOUTUBE On this new stage for YouTube, it appears as though we are only scratching the surface right now. 9To5Google claims that the corporation began introducing a new page at back in July. However, the majority of users that navigated to the page didn’t see it. It is now accessible to more individuals for viewing.

Advertisement This website is devoted to collecting podcasts for you to view and explore, as you might imagine. You may find lists of top podcasts and episodes, as well as other suggestions, up top. You can scroll down and go through a few genres to narrow down your search. There are currently genres for comedy, true crime, music, sports, TV, and film.

A row in the middle displays well-known podcasting channels that you can subscribe to. You can locate all the intriguing podcasts you want to listen to on one page. Most users should be able to access the page, however your location may make a difference. Wait a little while for the game to arrive in your area if you encounter an error 404.

YouTube podcasts:

youtube podcasts

Advertisement Although this is a positive move, we are unsure of what more the corporation will come up with. For all we know, the company’s major new initiative could start with this YouTube podcast page. YouTube continues to be a popular venue for video podcasts, despite Spotify’s popularity in the market for audio podcasts. We’ll just have to wait and see what YouTube does next.


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