Facebook is aggressively changing. You can now shop on Facebook thanks to the recently released Facebook Marketplace feature. During the shutdown time, the feature has shown to be a glimmer of light for break your echo chamber .

But as we all know, everything has advantages and disadvantages. Since Facebook is such a large community, many fraudsters see this tool as a means to defraud the average person. Nevertheless, many people are using the service honestly and doing well. Anyone can post on Facebook, but we should exercise caution when shopping there. There are several things to bear in mind. The following is a list of these things.

When shopping on Facebook Marketplace, keep in mind the following: Beware of the shipping scam and only send money using secure methods. Make a thorough inspection beforehand, conduct business in a secure location, and avoid disclosing personal information.

You must read through the points in the article that follows where the points listed above are outlined once before making any purchases from the Facebook Marketplace.

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TIPS TO REMEMBER WHILE SHOPPING ON THE FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE We are aware that fraudsters are around, thus it is up to us to keep ourselves secure. We made an effort to compile a short list of things to bear in mind when shopping on Instagram Marketplace; if you remember these things, no one can con you.

NEVER BELIEVE ANYONE Do not assume that you can put your faith in anyone, including sellers on the Facebook Marketplace. Let me clarify with an example what it means to not blindly believe someone. Imagine that you come across a seller who is asking $200 for a PlayStation 5. Use your reasoning skills to figure out how someone can sell a $400–$500 item for only $200. Before making a purchase, be informed of market prices. However, if you are purchasing something online, you should behave wisely and avoid being duped.

THE SHIPMENT FRAUD The shipping scam is the most frequent fraud in Facebook’s marketplace. Through this shipping scam, con artists prey on millions of people every day. Let’s use an illustration to further explain this shipping scam. Let’s say you see a product on Facebook Marketplace and get in touch with the seller to purchase it. The product will be sent to your location after the shipping charges are paid, the vendor will request payment for the product from you. This is a scam, and once you make the payment, the scammers won’t contact you again.

Go shopping and look for items that are offered in your neighborhood. so that you can visit the merchant.

USE RELIABLE METHODS TO SEND MONEY This point is virtually identical to the one previously made. Use the reliable methods when sending money because fraudsters are now using their own portals. When you enter the OTP, BOOM!!! They will ask you to pay online using the portals they developed. You are insolvent. Demand cash payments, and if the seller is located a long way from your home, ask them to either wait for delivery or send you the tracking number for the shipped package.

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DO A COMPLETE INSPECTION Examine the product thoroughly before purchasing it from the Facebook marketplace. Visit the vendor’s profile after requesting the product’s pictures from the seller and being satisfied with the purchase.

Follow these steps to check the seller’s profile:

Simply click the post for the item you want to purchase. Click on the seller’s name under the seller information. Select “View Profile.” It will show the seller’s profile. Make sure the profile is real and relevant to the industry. Consider reading the user reviews.

ARRIVE AT THE SAFE PLACE TO MEET It doesn’t follow that just because you met and made a deal, you can close it at 2 AM. Look for a location and trimmings that are secure. Attempt to negotiate in eateries rather than meeting at midnight on the side of the road. An individual was phoned at night for a sale, but the fraudster posing as the vendor also purchased the pistol, and the individual was robbed at gunpoint, according to the news I heard the next day.

Advice: Be careful in selecting the meeting location and time.

REFUSE TO DISCLOSE THE PERSONAL INFORMATION Never believe anyone you meet online. Be professional and only share the information necessary to complete the transaction if you are about to do so on Facebook. Keep your card information private, including the CVV and OTP. Be a good citizen and notify Facebook right away if you see something suspicious on the Marketplace.

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IS FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE SAFE? YOUTUBE VIDEO SUBSTANTIAL QUESTIONS IS THE MARKETPLACE ON FACEBOOK SAFE? The Facebook Market does not offer a money-back guarantee. Facebook is not liable if you are defrauded; it is entirely your fault. To avoid fraud, you must exercise caution and keep in mind the aforementioned points.

CAN THE FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE REFUND MY MONEY? The answer is NO; Facebook is not liable for scams, and you should use caution when shopping.
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