The Chicago Midway Airport, together with OHare Airport, serve the Chicago Metropolitan Area. It was named after the storied Battle of Midway that took place during World War 2. It takes a lot of effort to connect such a significant metropolis, and the Midway Airport sees roughly 20 million passengers travel through its terminals annually. Due to its central location in the Great Lakes region, Chicago has high levels of traveler traffic from both tourists and locals.

But all of this comes with a small drawback—it could be difficult to find Midway airport parking slots that are both convenient and affordable. During peak demand times, the majority of places are likely to be taken up quickly, and the ones you might be lucky enough to secure might leave your car in less than ideal condition.

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Airport Trivia Quiz Questions – Examsegg But don’t worry, there is a simple solution! We’ve prepared a ready reference of all the information you need to know about MDW parking, dotting the is and crossing the ts for you. Once you’re done, locating a cheap parking space at Midway Airport will seem simple.

Where can I park near the MDW? Passengers can park nearby in the accessible official Midway Airport parking lots. Hourly Garage, Daily Garage, Economy, and Daily Lot are the four available lots. Depending on the lot you choose, the prices and amenities change. The least expensive rate is $15, while the highest rate is $64. We are aware that for the majority of you, this may seem a bit much, so make your decision in advance to avoid making your wallet heavier than it needs to be!

HOW DO I FIND QUICK PARKING AT MIDWAY AIRPORT? To sort through the variety of prices for MDW parking, you’ll need a sharp eye. Fortunately, we’ve made it simpler for you by outlining them. The following rates apply if you’re looking for short-term parking. You must pay $4 for up to one hour, $8 for two hours, $12 for three hours, $16 for four hours, $32 for four to eight hours, and $64 for eight to twenty-four hours at the Hourly Garage lots. With the exception of the last two rates, which are $20 and $40 respectively, the Daily Garage lots will cost you about the same. For 0–1 hours, the Economy lot costs $4; for 2–24 hours, it costs $15.

We realize that’s a lot to take in, so you can even select an off-site lot using websites like, which will clear up the mess and help you save a ton of money.

How do I locate long-term parking at Midway Airport? Passengers with more than a day’s worth of flights can park at long-term rates at MDW. Booking a long-term slot is less expensive than paying by the hour. The hourly garage charges $64 for long-term parking; the daily garage charges $40; the economy lot charges $15; and the daily lot charges $30.

Along with the price, another thing to consider is the condition of your car after you return from your lengthy journey. Nicks, bumps, and scratches are frequent issues at long-term parking lots.

IS MIDWAY AIRPORT RESERVED PARKING AVAILABLE? Yes, you can choose the reserved parking option if you think that driving to the airport and attempting to find an impromptu MDW parking location is too inconvenient. Simply visit the Chicago Midway Airport website, select your parking lot, and click reserve. This will save you from having to drive around the parking lots seeking for open spots. But the convenience comes at a price, as there is an additional $10 charge on top of the parking fee. Select this choice only after analyzing and contrasting more affordable alternatives, such as off-site hotel airport parking .

IS OFF-SITE MIDWAY AIRPORT PARKING CHEAPER? Why not drive around the corner to a nearby off-site parking lot instead of dealing with the headache of on-site parking? Numerous hotels close to Midway Airport provide parking at a significant discount compared to on-site rates. For instance, you may choose an economical and practical parking space at one of the many airport hotels near Midway airport using the app or website for as little as $5 per day! In addition to offering a variety of other services like CCTV surveillance cameras, car wash facilities, oil changes, professional services, and the like, the majority of them offer complimentary shuttle services to and from the airport.

How can I locate affordable off-site MDW parking? Through websites or applications like Way, you can quickly get affordable Midway Airport Parking. You can acquire MDW parking discounts that can help you save up to 60% on your parking costs if you register on the Way website or download the Way app.

DOES MIDWAY AIRPORT FACILITATE EV CHARGING? In fact, there are three EV charging stations available to owners of electric and hybrid vehicles, one in the Cell Phone Lot and two in the long-term parking garage. These, however, are not free. All major credit and debit cards are accepted for payment.

IS PARKING AT MIDWAY AIRPORT FREE? Yes, there is a free parking area with 90 spaces for cell phones south of the main airport gate. If you’re picking up someone and need a location to wait without having to pay a fortune, this is the ideal area to park. Cars must, however, always have a driver in them or they will be towed at the owner’s expense.

WHICH TIME SHOULD I ARRIVE AT MIDWAY AIRPORT? Averaging your speed, it would take you around 30 minutes to go the little over 11 miles from downtown Chicago to Midway airport. However, it is best to be ready for any delays, such as those caused by road construction or traffic rerouting. Give yourself some wiggle room and leave for the airport well before the time you need to be there.

MORE ADVICE FOR PARKING AT MIDWAY AIRPORT The location of Midway Airport is 5700 S Cicero Ave, Chicago, IL 60638, in the United States. Parking discounts for MDW parking are frequently available and can be accessed through websites like Groupon, RetailMeNot, and Ebates.


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