Garmin produces some seriously robust hardware for smartwatches, and the Fenix 7 series is the most recent release from the brand. The Garmin Fenix 7 series, which comes after the Fenix 6 series, retains many of the same features from the earlier models. However, it makes things worse by giving the watches some worthy upgrades that will increase their already considerable use.

The Garmin Fenix 7 series watches are some of the most competent smartwatches you’ll discover, both in terms of battery life and added functionality. Some of this comes down to the fact that there are now more solar-powered variations available. However, Garmin is also progressing by including features like touchscreen screens and built-in flashlights.

The Fenix 7 is not your usual smartwatch because it is designed with people with rather active lifestyles in mind. Of course, anyone can use them. But they are not inexpensive. Additionally, many consumers might discover that it was a waste to spend that much money on useless items.

Advertisement After said all of that, let’s examine the watch in more detail. This helpful guide will summarize many of the crucial information regarding Garmin’s newest wrist-worn wearables.


The most recent collection of smart sports watches from Garmin is the Fenix 7 series. If you are familiar with Garmin, you are aware of the importance that the firm takes on its sports and fitness functions. Built-in GPS is a standard feature of Garmin devices. With extra capabilities like measuring elevation throughout your outdoor outings, they take things to the next level. And it’s but one feature among many that these watches provide.

Advertisement But when it comes down to it, the Fenix 7 series is a smartwatch with lots of functions designed with sports and fitness in mind.

WHAT SHARES ARE THE WATCHES AVAILABLE IN? The Fenix 7 comes in three sizes from Garmin. three models: the Fenix 7S, Fenix 7, and Fenix 7X. These are equivalent to the watch’s small (42mm), medium (47mm), and large (51mm) sizes. But they also limit the models you can choose from. For instance, the 7S and 7 series watches offer a basic model with less features (and a lower price). However, the 7X is only offered in the Solar and Sapphire Solar variants.

WHAT DIMENSIONS ARE THE MODELS? The Garmin Fenix 7S and Fenix 7 are available as basic models, solar models, and solar models with sapphire displays. The 7X is available as a solar-powered device or a solar-powered model with a sapphire display.

Advertisement Prices will vary for each of these. Depending on the model you choose. The cost of solar models will increase, with sapphire displays being the most expensive. So if you’re considering about purchasing a watch, think about the type of build you want.


Numerous new features make the Garmin Fenix 7 well worth the purchase. No matter if you’re upgrading from a Fenix 6. Even so, there are other aspects that haven’t changed, which is also for the better. For instance, the MIP display used in the Fenix 7 series aids in visibility in direct sunshine. So whether you’re out for a run or a day walk in a sunny region, these are ideal.

Advertisement In terms of new features, these displays can now be touched. The touch-capable panels make it quite simple to navigate anything, even though some people would prefer to utilize the buttons on the side for all of their interaction. However, Garmin won’t force you to utilize the touchscreen. You may navigate and interact with the Garmin Fenix 7 series watches via the side buttons on all versions. So you can choose whichever approach you choose.

Each size of the watch is also available with solar-powered charging, as was already mentioned. When you can, you can use this to charge the watch normally. In addition, solar power can be used to recharge the battery. Although it will cost more, if you live in a region that receives a lot of sun, even if only for a portion of the year, it might be useful.

Another new feature on the Fenix 7 series is enhanced GPS. And all models will have this. And do you recall the above-mentioned flash light? If you choose one of the Fenix 7X models, that choice will be available to you. With options for various settings that change the light into a red LED, a white LED that can be dimmed, or a strobe mode that syncs with your arm movements.

Advertisement CAN THE TOUCHSCREEN BE DISABLED? Yes. If you don’t enjoy using the touchscreen, you can choose to disable it. If you simply don’t want the unintentional touches to appear, this is also helpful. Simply hold down the bottom-left and top-right buttons for a few seconds to turn off the touchscreen. The touchscreen functionality will be disabled as a result, and all subsequent interactions will only be possible through the side buttons.

If you want to use the touchscreen again, you can do so by holding down the same two buttons for a long period.


Advertisement Depending on the model you buy, this will happen. In Smartwatch Mode, a device like the Solar or Sapphire Solar version of the Fenix 7X can last up to 37 days on a single charge. While the Fenix 7 Sapphire Solar and Standard versions have a battery life of up to 18 days, the Sapphire Solar can last up to 22 days when using the solar charging feature.

Even the 7S Standard model has an 11-day battery life. The key is that all of these watches have a lengthy battery life. so you may be confident taking them on your adventures. The Sapphire Solar Fenix 7X, however, is your best option if you want to be extra secure and intend to be out for weeks.

HOW DO THE SPECS WORK? Although the specifications will vary significantly between models, there are generally many similarities. For instance, the silicone strap material is a basic feature on all watch models. They all have the same health monitoring features, such as heart rate, daily resting heart rate, body battery, all-day stress, sleep, and more. They are also all 10ATM water-rated.

Advertisement The sensors are essentially the same across all models. include the compass, gyroscope, Galileo, GPS, GLONASS, and others. The multi-frequency location sensor, which is only available on the Sapphire Solar version of the Fenix 7 and Fenix 7X, is the only exclusive sensor.

If you’re interested in the whole spec comparisons, check out the image gallery below for comparisons of the various models.

WHAT IS THE PRICE OF THE GARMIN FENIX 7 SERIES WATCHES? Prices will vary depending on the model you choose, as was already explained. The Fenix 7S regular model will cost $699 to purchase, according to the pricing schedule. The price increases to $799 for the Solar edition and $899 for the Sapphire Solar version.

For the Fenix 7, the starting prices are exactly the same. The Solar edition starts at $899 instead of $799 on the Fenix 7X, and the Sapphire Solar edition starts at $999.

ARE THESE WATCHES MUSIC COMPATIBLE? Yes. You can choose which music app to use because three distinct music applications are supported by all models. These include Spotify, Deezer, and Amazon Music. Apple Music, YouTube Music, Pandora, and other streaming music providers are not supported.

However, there are native apps available for all three of the aforementioned supported services.


Yes. The watches in the Garmin Fenix 7 series come with two new training functions. This contains a graphic race predictor and real-time stamina. You can track your body’s stamina with real-time stamina using either potential or actual stamin estimation numbers.

ACTUAL STAMINA The value assigned to you at the beginning of your activity is your potential stamina. The watch then keeps track of this level, which will gradually drop over the course of that activity. The amount of time you may expect to be able to continue your exercise at the present intensity level is indicated by your current stamina.

Depending on how you like to keep track of your exercise, either of these can be helpful.

RACE PREDICTOR VIZUALLY Garmin used the Visual Race Predictor to show the Race Predictor feature data that was already available. Therefore, everything is displayed in a beautiful, tidy little graph directly on the watch display rather than requiring the user to visit to a different page in order to read this information. With easier access, it should be simpler to keep track of that information while competing.


Yes! And by adding Connect IQ On Device, Garmin has made this procedure simpler. No longer will you need to download apps to the watch from your linked PC or smartphone. Instead, you’ll be able to browse and download watch faces and apps directly from the watch using its own interface.

saving you time and generally making the experience more enjoyable and hassle-free.

WHAT COLORS ARE AVAILABLE FOR THE GARMIN FENIX 7 SERIES WATCHES? For each watch model, Garmin offers a selection of colors. However, not every model will be offered in every shade. With instance, the Black DLC Titanium with a Black band, Mineral Blue Titanium with a Whitestone band, and Carbon Gray DLC Titanium with a Black band are all available for the Fenix 7 Sapphire Solar edition.

The Sapphire Solar version of the Fenix 7S is currently available in Carbon Gray DLC Titanium with a Black band, Cream Gold Titanium with a Light Sand band, and Dark Bronze Titanium with a Shale Gray band.

In addition to Black DLC Titanium with a Black band, Mineral Blue Titanium with a Whitestone band, and Carbon Gray DLC Titanium with a Black band, the Fenix 7X is available in Slate Gray with a Black band in the Solar edition.

THE GARMIN FENIX 7 SERIES WATCHES ARE AVAILABLE WHERE? The Garmin Fenix 7 Series watches are sold by a variety of merchants both online and offline. ABT Electronics, Amazon, GameStop, Adorama, and Garmin’s own website are just a few examples.

Garmin Fenix 7 Series


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