Although Android Auto is a great platform, as it developed, some of its functions were also removed. It has been apparent over the past week that Google is about to discontinue the full Android Auto for Phone Screens experience.

VERY SOON, ANDROID AUTO WILL STOP WORKING ON MOBILE SCREENS. Reports on the Google Play Store and on Reddit over the past week have shed light on a message that shows in the Android Auto for Phone Screens experience.

Soon, Android Auto for phone screens will become unusable.

The Android Auto for Phone Screens software prominently displays the brief notification, which sadly provides no additional information. There is no specific date for when the experience will end, but it appears to be doing so shortly.

This is not a great surprise because Google had announced that it would discontinue the experience on newer Android phones in 2021. The Android Auto for Phone Screens software was no longer available for download starting with Android 12 and, even if it was, it wouldn’t launch correctly. For newer devices, Google had essentially closed off the experience, but had left it open for earlier iterations of the platform.

Currently, Android 11 and other earlier Android versions experience the same issue. We’ve verified that the message appears on a TCL 30 V running Android 11 as shown in the image below. Every time the app is launched, the message reappears, even if it was previously swiped away. As far as we can determine, it started appearing for users of older versions of Android about a week ago.

android auto for phone screens will stop working soon

Google stated in a statement that Android Auto for Phone Screens is being discontinued but would not say when the software will stop working. The following statement is highlighted by us.

That experience is still available to users of Android Auto in supported vehicles, and just last week at Google I/O, we made a significant UI upgrade announcement. Users of the Android Auto mobile app for phones will be switched over to Google Assistant driving mode, which is the next step in the development of the mobile driving experience. At this point, there are no other details we can divulge.

WHAT WILL REPLACE IT? Many people are undoubtedly curious about what Android Auto will use in its place now that this on-phone experience is coming to an end. Sadly, there isn’t exactly a complete alternative available. You’re essentially out of luck unless you’re prepared to shell out the cash for a new car that has Android Auto, or a gadget that adds it to an old car.

Google does, however, offer a different experience that is meant to be utilized in a vehicle. With the introduction of Android 12, Google Assistant Driving Mode provides a driving-optimized experience for Google Maps and Assistant, both of which interface with media apps. Although it is a very different experience, it can manage many of the same situations.

In any case, ANDROID AUTO FOR PHONE SCREENS WAS JUST A STOP-GAP Actually, this experience was only ever intended to be a temporary solution. The separate app exists purely because Google Assistant Driving mode was first delayed, and the experience first appeared when Android Auto was still very uncommon in new cars.

While it is unfortunate to learn that Android Auto for Phone Screens will soon be discontinued, it is not a huge surprise that Google is now prepared to do so. There has always been a clock ticking on this project.

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