When you click a link in a social media app, you typically go to the in-app browser rather than the system’s default browser. On the surface, this might not seem to be a problem. However, a recent research informs us that when you use such in-app browsers, Facebook and Instagram can follow your data.

Using their in-app browsers, Facebook and Instagram inject code. Felix Krause found this, and it provides some insight into how the two main social media sites are operating. When you tap a link on Facebook or Instagram, a special in-app browser is launched to show the link.

The apps then inject java code into each and every website you visit after opening that browser. The firms are able to monitor every action that takes place on such sites thanks to this code. This includes each button you press and each form you complete.

Advertisement The apps can only accomplish this through their own browsers. The companies won’t be able to track your activity if you click the link and open it in your system’s default browser.

Meta responded Code is injected so that we may collect conversion events from pixels, a Meta spokeswoman told The Guardian in a statement. We ask for the user’s permission before storing payment information for autofill when making purchases through the in-app browser.

Despite the fact that it might make logic, nobody truly wants that. This is done by the browsers for each website you visit, and they keep track of everything you do.

Advertisement There is another reason for this in addition to getting data on autofill and gathering conversion events (and yes, it has to do with advertisements). The code enables us to combine user data before using it for measurement or targeted advertising.

At this point, we’re unsure if Meta will experience any negative consequences for doing this. It’s possible that it will be raised in a later court case. Until then, if you see a link on these networks, you might wish to use your usual browser if you don’t want all of your actions to be recorded.


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