The European Commission wants to compel smartphone makers to extend their software support and make self-repairs possible. According to a draft rule published posted on the Commission’s website for public comment, cellphones sold in the area must receive software upgrades for at least three years and security updates for five years. Additionally, producers must have maintenance parts on hand for at least five years, according to EU parliamentarians.

EUROPE SEEKS LONGER MOBILE DEVICE SOFTWARE AND REPAIR SUPPORT According to the Commission, the goal of this project is to increase the sustainability of smartphones and tablets. If properly maintained, these devices are already well-built and can last for many years. However, the majority of manufacturers only offer two to three years of gadget support. Furthermore, they don’t offer genuine spare parts and repair manuals so that customers can fix their own gadgets if they get damaged.

As a result, smartphones and tablets are compelled to have a three-year lifespan. More e-waste and carbon emissions result from this. The EU seeks to stop that by requiring manufacturers to provide the gadget with functionality and security upgrades as well as maintenance parts for a longer period of time. The proposed regulation lists 15 gadget components for which makers must sell replacement parts. These components include the SIM tray, battery, display, cameras, charging port, microphones, and speakers. Additionally, it protects folding device hinges.

Advertisement Basic phones are also covered by this rule. Therefore, manufacturers ought to provide the same level of support for all mobile devices. Currently, businesses give their flagship products better or longer support than they do low-cost ones. That behavior is also something that the European Commission wants to end. It will be interesting to see if this proposed legislation becomes EU law. On August 31, the Commission released the draft. Until September 28, it is available for public comment. Before adopting the initiative, the MPs will consider public opinion.

Samsung is already in the lead, for instance. Some smartphone manufacturers may find this planned European rule to be too onerous, but Samsung already provides better assistance than that. Four years of Android OS updates and five years of security updates are provided for all of its flagship models and a few premium mid-range devices. Some affordable models do not receive the same care, although the largest smartphone seller in the world, a Korean company, provides four years of security updates for all smartphones.

A self-repair program was also just introduced by Samsung in the US. By offering repair components, tools, and instructions, it makes it simple to fix Galaxy devices. Because of this, the company is already setting a good example for other manufacturers, and the European Commission wants them to follow suit. The new policy is supposed to be adopted by European legislators before the end of the year, but it might take longer. We’ll keep you informed.


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