The majority of a 2018 antitrust judgment against Google has been maintained by a new decision from the EU General Court, though it also reduced the first fine. That’s according to a recent reports that describes the decision and the new $4 billion fine the search engine giant will pay. Prior to the adjustment, the fine was closer to $5 billion, or around 5% of the original amount.

The second-highest court in the EU rules that the revenue-sharing arrangement between manufacturers and Google did not constitute an abuse of market dominance. This finally resulted in lower fines.

However, Google has been able to refute the remaining allegations made against the business by the EU Commission. Google concentrated its arguments on a number of topics. Taking into account, for instance, that iOS, despite its global domination in the smartphone market, remains a potent rival.

Advertisement Additionally, it made the case that certain of its initiatives were crucial in preventing the breakup and fragmentation of the Android ecosystem itself. specifically to stop Android from fragmenting into numerous incompatible and rival OS variations.

WHAT IS SAYING IN THIS EU ANTITRUST DECISION AGAINST GOOGLE? The latter of Google’s justifications is completely untrue, according to the EU Commission. The Commission claims that the creation of numerous rival operating systems is exactly what is intended.

Google still has time to file an appeal with the EU Court of Justice, but it must do so in less than two months. Until then, the Commission has successfully contended that Google pressured phone OEMs to prioritize its own search engine on devices. Or, to be more precise, as the sole search engine that comes pre-installed. This is in addition to the Google Play Store serving as the main software store and the number-one-ranked Chrome browser coming pre-installed as a requirement.

Advertisement Furthermore, the decision makes clear in its conclusions Google’s prohibition on OEMs selling devices running unapproved versions of Android.

Google has stated that it is dissatisfied in the court’s conclusions in response to the decision. The business thought that the court would completely overturn the ruling.

In its statement, Google also claims that Android has increased choice for all users, not decreased it, and that it supports thousands of prosperous companies in Europe and other parts of the world.



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