Bring your A-game to Video Production Equipment if you want to see results from your web videos.

The internet is flooded with competing videos since videos are proving to be one of the most effective ad methods. It’s a case of may the best video win. Investing in high-quality video production tools is the first step in producing films that blow all other competitors out of the water.

If you’re new to video production, you probably need all the assistance you can get to make videos that are of a professional caliber. Thankfully, we have compiled a checklist of some of the video production equipment you should have in your toolbox before you can achieve the kind of video quality that only professionals can claim.

CAMERA Of course, the first piece of filmmaking gear on the list is your camera.

Although there are many options available, many content producers like DSLR, mirrorless, and other cameras with prime lenses that can record in 4K. However, you are not required to start using cinema cameras right now. Use your smartphone’s camera to record if you’re in a jam and trying to lower the cost of video production . While you shouldn’t anticipate getting as good of pictures with your smartphone camera as you would with a camera, you should be able to do so with the help of the correct tips and tricks.

TRIPOD No matter how steady you think your hands or your camera are, tripods are necessary for the highest level of steadiness.

Even the lowest grade camera provides a superior quality video when used with a tripod. Tripods can be somewhat pricey, so we advise beginners to start with the simpler models like Switchpod, Gorillapod, or MeFOTO. Switchpod is advised due of its portability and compatibility with virtually any camera or phone.

On the other hand, Gorillapod is one of the most adaptable tripods on the market and can be used in a variety of settings, even when you need to acquire those difficult-to-reach photos.

VERY GOOD OUTER Microphones Even while many smartphones and video cameras have excellent built-in microphones and audio pickup, you should still invest in high-quality external sound equipment if you want your sound to be as crystal-clear and professional-sounding as possible.

Particularly if you’re producing video classes, interviews, live streaming, or any other type of video that has a lot of speech, an external microphone is one piece of equipment that significantly improves the quality of your audio.

Fortunately for you, buying some high-quality external mics won’t break the bank.

The affordable Rode VideoMic Go is a fantastic shotgun mic for novices. It is compact and adaptable, with excellent audio quality. Another choice that produces high-quality sound without being either expensive or large is the use of lavalier mics. These collar-mounted microphones are ideal for filming high-definition videos of persons who are active or move around a lot.

LIGHTING Your final video may not be of the highest quality even if you have the most costly camera. You know how unsettling it can be to watch a video or a movie in poor lighting if you’ve ever done it.

For beginners in particular, getting the ideal lighting is difficult since it is difficult to determine what constitutes ideal lighting or the best lighting equipment to utilize. We advise using a reflector to benefit from ambient light if you’re just getting started and don’t want to spend thousands of dollars; all you have to do is set it up correctly to reflect light.

While a reflector is one of the most cost-effective solutions for a novice, you may also choose a more sophisticated lighting option, such as the Neewer 3-Pack 2.4G LED softbox, which offers 3 dimmable LED lights and softboxes for creating visually appealing photos.

TOOLS FOR EDITING/PRODUCTION Without a doubt, even with the best video camera and lighting setup, you might still produce a mediocre finished result without the proper editing and post production tools.

Your video quality could go from beginner to professional with the use of just any simple video editing tools. Although mastering video editing is difficult and can take a lot of time, especially if using visual effects , we believe the effort is worthwhile in the end. Start by watching several videos that walk you through the fundamentals of cutting out voice pauses, adding texts, and switching between cuts.

Although video quality is excellent, keep in mind that a visually appealing video without engaging content won’t be successful. Prior to beginning the film production stage, where you will need video production equipment, determine your material. If you’re on a limited budget, you may start with your smartphone, but if you’re prepared for a commercial shoot that will pay the bills, you should think about investing in better equipment.


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