This week, Google is releasing Chrome version 103, which includes a number of new usability and security enhancements for iPhone and iPad.

On Chrome for iPhone, the three-dot (overflow) menu in the bottom-right corner has been revised to be scannable and to highlight the most crucial locations. It opens with a vibrant carousel that offers rapid access to Settings, Passwords, Downloads, History, and Bookmarks.

Reload, New Tab, and New Incognito Tab are the following actions, with the panel initially opening halfway. You can bookmark, add to your reading list, translate, request a desktop site, find in page, zoom text, report a problem, and get help after it has completely expanded. This user-feedback-based design may also be found to the right of the Omnibox in Chrome for iPad.

Chrome 103 iPhone
Chrome 103 iPhone

While you’re gone for a while, Chrome 103 shows you a different screen. Google wants to make it simpler to browse information, launch a new Search, or quickly return to the websites you visit the most. Additionally, you have access to Recent tabs, an Android feature that has already been identified in A/B testing.

The initial release of Chrome Actions, which lets you type things like Clear Browsing Data, Open Incognito Tab, and Set Chrome as Default Browser into the address bar and instantly get to the right website, is another user-facing announcement. Google has also improved its language identification mode, which makes use of on-device machine learning to determine the language of the page you are visiting and whether it needs to be translated in order to conform to your preferences.

Chrome 103 iPhone

Google is introducing Enhanced Safe Browsing to Chrome for iOS in terms of security. The browser will be more proactive and share real-time data with Google Safe Browsing, such as unusual URLs and suspicious downloads, in comparison to the current baseline protections. The option to set Enhanced Safe Browsing is still not generally available as of right now (Settings andgt; Google Services).

The iPhone and iPad are receiving Chrome 103, and the App Store release notes list other changes:

The camera and microphone icons in the address bar are used to control camera and microphone permissions for certain websites. iCalendar (iCal) files can now be downloaded and added to your Calendar. Duplicate New Tab Page tabs will be eliminated by Chrome in the background. Improvements in performance and stability are also present. ADVANCED CHROME: FTC: We employ automatically earning affiliate connections. More.

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