Although Google’s Stadia shutdown is now officially announced, it was supposedly a secret for staff members until this morning. 9To5Google claims that Stadia staff members were not made aware of the closure until just before it was made public. Phil Harrison, the GM and VP of Stadia, sent out an email requesting attendance at an early morning meeting. Harrison revealed Stadia’s demise to the staff at this meeting.

The email’s details appeared on Stadia’s official subreddit . where a now-ex-Stadia engineer posted a screencap of the email that was sent to staff asking that they all attend. Employees were asked to attend a meeting at 8:30 am to discuss some crucial Stadia changes, as stated in the email. Employees were informed that they may participate in the virtual meeting from any location where they were working today.

Harrison also expressed regret for the meeting’s short notice. Short notice, as the announcement was made to the public roughly 45 minutes after the meeting ended.

Advertisement WHAT MEANS FOR EMPLOYEES THE STADIA SHUTDOWN? It’s uncertain, but one can only hope that Google will ultimately act similarly to how it did for the staff at its long-gone first-party studio. Google provided staff with the chance to transition into other positions inside Google when it revealed Stadia Games


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