A new court order claims that Elon Musk has access to information from 9,000 Twitter accounts that have been examined in order to count the number of spam accounts using the service. In the fourth quarter of 2021, these accounts were examined.

Elon Musk and Twitter’s legal spat is now moving into new stages. In his fight against Twitter, Musk seeks to summon former CEO Jack Dorsey even though the two parties had previously agreed to appear in court in October. In addition, he invited Dorsey to a rallying speech. Twitter, on the other hand, seeks to compel Musk to follow through on his promises to pay $44 billion for the business. Due to the alleged large volume of spam and false accounts on the network, however, the world’s richest man backed out of the agreement.

Through a court order, Elon Musk has access to information from 9,000 Twitter accounts. Musk is now given absurdly extensive access to account data by Judge Kathaleen McCormick. The judge also mandated that Twitter disclose the criteria it used to pick those accounts for scrutiny. These accounts are what Twitter calls historical snapshots.

Advertisement According to the judge’s judgment, which was obtained by The Verge , Musk’s attorneys asked for access to every piece of information Twitter might be able to retain for each of the 200 million accounts that make up its mDAU count on a daily basis for over three years.

Although only a small part of Twitter’s user base, 9,000 accounts may aid Elon Musk’s attorneys in determining the true user base and bolstering their allegations. We are eager to examine the data that Twitter has been withholding for a number of months. Alex Spiro, Musk’s attorney, told aa3.

In response, Twitter notified the court that it no longer has access to the historical snapshot data because it relates to the fourth quarter of 2021. As a result, it is unable to predict the precise moment when fresh data will be available because nobody with any sense has ever attempted to do so. Twitter claims that the process of recreating that data could take up to two weeks. The court has granted the business adequate time to gather the required information.


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