Engadget (via Reuters ) reports that Elon Musk is attempting to reach an agreement with Synchron, a company that competes with Neuralink in the market for brain-machine interfaces.

Elon Musk is frequently in the news these days. The world’s richest man just withdrew from the $44 billion Twitter acquisition, which spurred legal action against the firm. He now wants to take an unprecedented step and invest in a rival business.

Of course, it’s not entirely obvious if Musk intends to work with Synchron or contribute some of his billions to it. The news has not yet elicited responses from either side. Musk, though, has voiced his frustration with the Neuralink project’s sluggish progress. Musk might be able to advance his brain-machine interface programs by investing in Synchron or collaborating with them. Synchron has not yet replied to the offer because it is still being considered.

Advertisement Elon Musk has previously sought to invest in competitors of Neuralink. He contacted Paradromics for a prospective investment back in 2020. They were never able to agree, though.

ELON MUSK WOULD LIKE TO BUY INTO SYNCHRON One of Elon Musk’s newest businesses, Neuralink was established in 2016 with the goal of creating brain-machine interfaces. The business has already used a Macaque monkey playing Pong to display its most recent successes. In January of this year, Neuralink posted a job listing indicating that they were looking to hire a clinical trial director with plans to begin human trials in 2020. The FDA must approve human testing of brain-machine interfaces.

But when it comes to human trials, Synchron appears to have topped Neuralink. Back in July, the business reported that its brain-computer interface had been successfully inserted into a patient’s motor cortex in the US. In addition, Synchron verified the wellbeing of four Australians who underwent head implants a year ago.

Advertisement Additionally, Max Hodak, a co-founder of Neuralink who departed the organization in 2021, was recently hired by Synchron. Hodak advises Synchron and has also contributed some of his own assets to the company.


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