Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has now issued a public challenge to the top Twitter official to a discussion on the prevalence of bots on the network. The challenge comes as Mr. Musk prepares to face Twitter attorneys in October. With that court date scheduled, it will be decided if Mr. Musk must complete his acquisition of the platform.

WHY IS ELON MUSK FIRING A PUBLIC DEBATE CHALLENGE AT THE TWITTER CEO, AND WILL ANYTHING COME OF IT? Mr. Musk used Twitter to announce his challenge, criticizing what he claims are misleading statistics on the number of fraudulent or daily spam accounts on the network via the app and online. And he has demanded a debate so that Twitter’s CEO may present data to back up its claims. specifically asking Twitter to disclose how it selects 100 accounts for sampling and how it determines which accounts are authentic.

The Tesla executive claims that his $44 billion proposal to purchase the platform should not go through if the economics don’t add up.

Advertisement Less than 5% of Twitter’s accounts, according to the company, are fake. The social media behemoth has gone even farther, denouncing Elon Musk’s tweets on the subject as factually incorrect, inadequate from a legal standpoint, and irrelevant from a business standpoint.

Additionally, Mr. Musk was given complete access to the Twitter feed so he could verify the figures. The CEOs’ legal team claims that a far higher proportion of users were discovered to be bots. To arrive at their decision, the legal team allegedly conducted a Botometer analysis.

In the interim, it’s likely that Twitter will decide not to address Elon Musk’s allegations or objections. The impending court case is not anticipated to last very long at this time. The business has also filed a lawsuit against Mr. Musk for allegedly breaching the contract, characterizing Mr. Musk’s justifications as flimsy.

Advertisement An excellent description of the issue.

The transaction should continue under the parameters set forth in the original agreement if Twitter merely discloses how they sampled 100 accounts and how they verified their veracity.

Advertisement But it shouldn’t if it turns out that their SEC filings are demonstrably untrue.
Elon Musk August 6, 2022 (@elonmusk)


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