Since years, the iPhone Lock Screen has been fairly uninteresting. The time, date, and your most recent notifications can be checked, but not much else. However, Apple has included a number of choices to customize your Lock Screen so that it can be more eye-catching, practical, and unique with iOS 16.

With the update, you may add your own photos to the Lock Screen background, receive recommendations for images that would fit the screen, and edit the images with filters. Additionally, you can show tiled emoji screens, simple color backgrounds, changing images of the Earth, Moon, or solar system, and live weather backgrounds that reflect the current weather conditions.

In order to make the Lock Screen more interactive, the new OS also allows users to add or alter widgets (Live Activities won’t roll out (Opens in a new window) until later this year, though). Additionally, you can create many Lock Screen images and swap between them according to your mood.

Mid-September is when Apple is expected to release iOS 16. (an official date has not been announced). However, you may experiment with it right away by downloading the iOS 16 beta.


” alt=”View the astronomy wallpaper”>

(Credit: Lance Whitney/PCMag) You can swipe through and select from a variety of views of the Earth, Moon, and solar system in the Astronomy wallpaper. To receive dynamic backgrounds that reflect the local weather, use the Weather wallpaper.

” alt=”Check out other wallpaper”>

(Credit: Lance Whitney/PCMag) By swiping left or right, you can change the color of the dynamic wallpaper. You can change the appearance between bright and dark and enable or disable the perspective zoom, which causes the wallpaper to shift as your phone is tilted, by tapping the ellipsis icon.

” alt=”View the categories of wallpaper”>

(Credit: Lance Whitney/PCMag) Tap one of the icons for Emoji, Weather, Astronomy, or Color at the top to choose an image for personalization right away. Next, choose the picture, color, or other element you want to change.


” alt=”Add new”>

0 (Credit: PCMag/Lance Whitney) Perhaps you want to add your own photos to your Lock Screen to give it a more unique feel. To view and select from a selection of highlighted photographs with iOS 16, hit the Photos icon at the top of the screen. To view all of the images in your library, tap the All icon.

Swipe to the right after choosing the photo you wish to use to see it with various filters, including Natural, Black


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