Early in 2023, the PlayStation VR2 headset and its updated controller will be released.

An image of the PSVR2 and the phrase “early 2023 release” were both featured in the tweet (Opens in a new window) and post on Instagram (Opens in a new window) from official PlayStation accounts late yesterday. That doesn’t give us a specific release date, but it does imply that the new VR headset will be available for purchase by the end of the fiscal year, or at the latest by March.

In February 2021, Sony initially teased the PSVR2 headset, and the redesigned PS5 controller was unveiled the following month. In July of this year, Sony provided a ton of fresh information regarding the operation of the VR headset.

With two graphic modes for VR and non-VR gaming, up to 120Hz refresh rates for VR experiences at a considerably better resolution and with HDR, bespoke play zones, see-through view, and the ability to live stream the game being played, it is promising to bring a true revolution in console VR gaming.


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A price is the only piece of information we still require. It’s quite doubtful that Sony will be able to match the $350 price point of the original given the instability of supply chains, excessive inflation, and the unpredictability of manufacturing in China owing to lockdowns. With the new controller design and increased technology, I believe everyone is anticipating a higher price. Hopefully, before the year is up, we learn what it is.

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