The Black Shark 5 Pro was released earlier this year by Black Shark, a Xiaomi-backed manufacturer of gaming smartphones. It is a phone with excellent cameras, powerful hardware, clean software, and all the features you would expect from a gaming smartphone. However, for a phone that costs $800, it has some glaring shortcomings like no official IP rating and no Gorilla Glass protection. Its durability is called into question by these flaws. Who else except YouTuber Zack Nelson of JerryRigEverything could provide the finest answers to those queries? Here is the result of his recent surgery on the Black Shark 5 Pro.

Test for Black Shark 5 Pro Durability At Zacks, gaming smartphones have recently had difficult excursions. Well, the Black Shark 4 from last year did rather well in his brutal durability test, but other phones like the ROG Phone 5 and Legion Phone 2 Duel didn’t. The latter snapped into three pieces like a biscuit during the bend test, which caused them to break. Let’s begin the Black Shark 5 Pro durability test with that in mind.

As usual, Zack starts the tortures by using picks of increasing hardness to scrape the phone’s screen. At level 6 of hardness, the Black Shark 5 Pro begins to scratch. At level 7, deeper grooves appear. This demonstrates that a glass screen is indeed the norm today. Although sapphire is more expensive and rarely used in cellphones, it is tougher and doesn’t scratch until it reaches Level 8 on the Mohs scale.

Advertisement Zack tries to hack through the phone’s metal frame with his knife but is unsuccessful. The physical gaming triggers, fingerprint reader, volume knobs, and all other components have a metallic build that makes a screeching noise when cut. Black Shark isn’t even including a rubber ring around holes and ports to keep the water out, let alone providing a certified IP classification, as the SIM tray at the bottom demonstrates. Therefore, you may want to avoid taking the phone anywhere near water.

Moving on, the back of the device has frosted glass without Gorilla Glass protection. The LED flash oddly rests beneath a layer of translucent plastic while the cameras are covered in glass. Under direct heat, the OLED display panel turns completely white, however after some time, the majority of the pixels return.

VERSUS SOME OF ITS COMPETITORS, THIS GAMING SMARTPHONE IS MORE POWERFUL. Finally, the bend test, which is regarded as the apex of Zacks durability testing, will be conducted. It was anticipated that the Black Shark 5 Pro would survive intact like its predecessor. Thank goodness, it did. When bent from the back, the phone exhibits some reasonable flex along the antenna line, which is often a weak spot on the body of a smartphone. When the phone is turned around, the back glass and frame are noticeably separated from one another.

Advertisement However, nothing breaks or cracks when the gadget shuts out. This durability test is passed by the Black Shark 5 Pro. If you want to see Zack abuse pricey devices, you can watch the complete video down below.


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