One of the brand’s newest smartphones, the Ulefone Armor 15, was chosen to demonstrate its durability. In a recent video that it released, Ulefone essentially demonstrates the Armor 15 durability testing.

A NUMBER OF DURABILITY TESTS ARE SUBMITTED TO THE ULEFONE ARMOR 15 This video, which is posted below the text and lasts approximately four minutes, is available. There are a lot of tests displayed here. The touchscreen durability test is the first in line because the company’s equipment was drawing lines on the device. The screen continued to work normally even after 100,000 of those.

A physical key press test comes after that test. By the way, this figure is also 100,000. The mini-drop test, USB endurance test, 1.5-meter drop test (multi-angle), crushing test, high/low temperature test, and more tests are conducted after that.

Advertisement This video is about four minutes long for a reason—there are many different tests included. All of them were able to be avoided through the phone. But because it’s a tough phone, there aren’t the standard kinds of tests.

The phone has built-in earbuds and a 6,600mAh battery. The Ulefone Armor 15 is MIL-STD-810G and IP68/IP69K certified. The phone has 6,600mAh of battery life and integrated earbuds. The phone’s MediaTek Helio G35 SoC powers it.

Along with 128GB of internal storage, Ulefone also included 6GB of RAM inside. The device has a 5.45-inch display and comes pre-installed with Android 12.

Advertisement On the rear of the phone are two 12- and 13-megapixel cameras, and the bundled earphones, according to the manufacturer, may provide up to 5 hours of listening time. Naturally, since the phone also serves as a casing for the headphones, it also charges them.

Overall, this tough phone is extremely intriguing. If you’re interested in learning more, click here .


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