We might soon see Samsung’s dual-folding smartphone/tablet hybrid. In South Korea, the firm is known as trademarked the Flex G. This comes after the S Flex, which KIPRIS trademarked last year.

A dual-folding Samsung smartphone-tablet hybrid may be forthcoming. Just to be clear, Samsung Display trademarked it as this obviously has to do with displays. Although, why? Let’s explain, then. Samsung displayed the Flex G and Flex S, two of its foldable concept devices, at CES 2022.

To see both gadgets, watch the hands-on video from SamMobile down below. Samsung Display created these concepts primarily to illustrate the double-folding display.

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Now that both names have been registered as trademarks, we may be getting closer to really receiving a double-folding device. However, it does not assure it, of course.

It seems certain that dual-folding technology will eventually be available. This is not surprising given how well the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip series devices are performing. Some of you may find it appealing to have a smartphone that can open into a tablet.

The business might even be prepared to make such an announcement, but it was awaiting news regarding the performance of the other two foldable lineups. After all, this is a brand-new variety of foldable.

Advertisement It’s hard to predict when Samsung will introduce such a device. So when may we expect a dual-folding Samsung smartphone/tablet hybrid? Your hunch is as good as ours, I suppose. We can’t forecast that because so many things have a role.

However, if we had to guess, we’d say that such a device won’t be available until at least 2023. Samsung may ultimately have to wait much longer, we’ll see.

There is little doubt that the first dual-folding smartphone-tablet will have high-end specifications. Given that this is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges the corporation will face, it will be interesting to see how thick it will be.

Advertisement Due to Samsung’s decision to stick with a hinge that assures water resistance, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is substantially thicker than some of the competition. Consequently, visualize adding still another display component on top of it. In order to make this dual-folding device as thin as possible, Samsung will need to figure out a way to solve that problem, even if it means compromising water resistance.


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