The Doogee S89, a new smartphone from Doogee , boasts a sizable battery. The battery capacity of the smartphone is a sizable 12,000mAh, and 65W rapid charging is supported.

By the way, this is an rugged smartphone , and it does not seem like a typical phone. Due to its tough design and large battery, it is fairly big and has a unique shape with flat corners. Additionally, the bezels are thicker than on typical phones.

A sizable battery and 65W fast charging are included in the release of the Doogee S89. However, all of it is naturally expected for robust gadgets. In exchange, you do get a phone that is incredibly resistant to drops and severe handling, as well as an exceptional battery life. According to the manufacturer, the phone can support up to 16 hours of gaming per charge. You can stream for up to 18 hours as well.

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The phone does, in fact, support 65W wired charging, and a 65W charging brick is included. This phone can be charged completely, from zero to one hundred percent, in just two hours. That’s actually pretty good given the size of the battery.

THE PHONE’S BACK HAS RGB LIGHTS. The Doogee S89 also sports RGB LEDs on the back. These are referred to as breathing light by Doogee. The Nothing Phone (1) Glyphs don’t have as many personalization choices as these lights, according to Doogee. The same is true of color.

Advertisement The Doogee S89 is MIL-STD-810H and IP68/IP69K certified. It can withstand impacts in addition to being resistant to water and dust. The device has a unique button on the side. Reverse charging is also supported by the phone.

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THE DEVICE COMES PRE-INSTALLED WITH ANDROID 12 The MediaTek Helio P90 SoC powers the device, which has Android 12 pre-installed. 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage were both provided by Doogee in this case.

Advertisement If you’re interested, the Doogee S89 is now accessible on both AliExpress and Doogeemall . The phone will be on sale for a brief period of time. If you act quickly, you can get a 50% discount; that pricing is good through August 26.

Instead of $459.98, the phone is now available for $229.99. The ultimate cost might only be $199.99. You will also receive a $10 voucher if you are one of the first 200 people to order the gadget.

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