The Comcast share in Hulu will be acquired by Disney in 2024, maybe as early as January 2024. Bob Chapek, the CEO of Disney, does not want to wait until 2024.

In his early-morning conversation with CNBC , Chapek expressed his desire to find that answer in order to reach a swift agreement. But Chapek also pointed out that in order to come up with a solution that is acceptable to both parties, it does involve two parties. If Disney were to sell Hulu, Comcast has stated that it would be interested in purchasing it.

Brian Roberts, CEO of Comcast, remarked on Wednesday that Hulu is a fantastic company. It has excellent material, and I think Comcast would be interested in purchasing it if it were up for sale. Comcast would be open to talking about selling its stake before the 2024 deadline, Roberts further stated. Disney is ultimately responsible for kicking off the conversation.

Advertisement In HULU, COMCAST owns a 33% stake. Hulu was owned by Comcast, Disney, and Fox until Disney acquired Fox in 2019. Consequently, Disney became Hulu’s main ownership, with Comcast becoming a minority shareholder. Disney will be able to offer richer and more varied bundles with Hulu after it fully acquires Comcast’s stake in the service.

A deal between Comcast and Disney in 2019 ensured the sale of the 33% ownership in Hulu by 2024. The two came to an agreement on a base price for Hulu of $27.5 billion.

If Disney were to acquire Comcast, Comcast might concentrate more on Peacock. It is unable to publish all of its stuff on Peacock because to its current deal. Instead, as a result of these arrangements, it must upload some to Hulu. The distribution of NBCUniversal content across these two platforms has probably slowed Peacock’s expansion. However, NBCUniversal will be able to upload everything to Peacock once it is removed from Hulu. Although, unless Disney chose to license it from Comcast, Hulu would also lose a sizable quantity of material.


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