Disney reportedly intends to create a subscription service with features similar to Amazon Prime and even use the same name. We might soon get a Disney Prime subscription, according to the Wall Street Journal .

What would be covered by this subscription? According to reports, it would offer a variety of special benefits, discounts, and other inducements to subscribers to spend more money on Disney goods and services. Of course, Disney benefits from this as well by learning more about your preferences and behaviors in addition to having you spend more money.

Disney has previously offered subscription services, as evidenced by the D23 fan club. It costs $129 for two people per year or $99 for one. This subscription gives you access to reduced D23 Expo tickets as well as the chance to purchase unique goods and a copy of the quarterly Disney twenty-three magazine.

Advertisement Why should I subscribe? DUE TO DISNEY’S LARGE AMOUNT OF CONTENT Making a subscription service like this would make sense, but to make Disney Prime truly stand out, they should include discounts for the company’s amusement parks, cruises, and hotels. That would really justify the subscription. Naturally, we don’t yet know how much this would cost.

A lot of stuff is already owned by Disney, keep in mind. Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and National Geographic are all included. It also has two brand-new film studios that it acquired from Fox. Disney offers a ton of stuff, in addition to theme parks, resorts, a streaming service, and much more. Why then wouldn’t Disney package everything together for the die-hard Disney fan?

It’s an intriguing idea, and it’ll be interesting to see how Disney markets it after the corporation makes the announcement. Although Disney did admit that it is developing a subscription service of this kind, it is still only a report at this stage. Therefore, this is a when, not an if, situation.


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