Do you know how to easily travel the world from the comfort of your home? It is the most well-known social networking site. Who can guess? YouTube, man! Yes, YouTube, where users from all around the world create the most entertaining tales to share with the world. Today, there are a ton of well-known YouTube stars from countries all over the world, including India, Canada, the United States, Brazil, Australia, and Spain.

But who do you think is Canada’s most well-known YouTuber? You won’t be privy to the solution. Don’t worry; this post will expose you to the 20 most popular Canadian YouTube channels worldwide. As of October 2020, Justin Bieber’s VEVO YouTube channel held the title of most popular channel.

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10 Best Canadian Affiliate Programs Baby Big Mouth, TheWeekendVEVO, Shawn Mendes VEVO, Just For Laugh Gags, DrakeVEVO, MrSuicideSheep, Unbox Therapy, AsapSCIENCE, Epic Meal Time, Monstercat: Uncaged, Matthew Santoro, ItsFunneh, Walk Off The Earth, etc. are among the top 20 Canadian YouTube channels, according to a recent study. The list is still not complete.

What distinguishes these YouTubers as the best? Is it their following, popularity, number of channel views, or the material they publish? Learn everything right here.
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Top 20 Canadian YouTube Channels- Explore the best in Canada

You can find the top 20 Canadian YouTube channels here. Keep an eye out for their personal stories, where they’re from, the type of information they offer, and how many subscribers they have in this article.

VEVO JUSTIN BIEBER 6,2,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS There are millions of people worldwide that adore this man. Justin Bieber is a well-known figure. He is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, and composer who comes from Canada. On September 26, 2009, he launched this YouTube page. On this channel, you may find his live shows, live concerts, interviews, official music videos, and other things. His growing popularity around the world is evident in the number of subscribers to his channels.

The channel’s most popular music videos include Lonely by Peaches feat. Where are you now, Sorry, Holy, Despacito, Baby, Give on, Daniel Caesar, etc. Currently, he is among the top Canadian YouTubers. One of the top Canadian YouTube channels is his.

THEWEEKNDVEVO SUBSCRIBERSHIPS: 23.7 MILLION One of the top Canadian YouTube channels, this one was launched on February 25, 2011. Who doesn’t know Abel Tesfaye, a man who is incredibly well-liked? He is frequently referred to as The Weeknd. born in Canada’s Toronto. Popular Canadian vocalist Abel is renowned for his enthralling concerts. He is a super-hit singer, a songwriter, and a record producer. He primarily performs pop and electropop music.

The Weeknd Try Me, The Morning, Die for You, Acquainted, Save Your Tears, In Your Eyes ft. Kenny G, Alone Again, etc. are some of his popular YouTube videos right now.

27.8 MILLION SHAWN MENDES VEVO SUBSCRIBERS famous Canadian singer Shawn Mendes. And as I’m writing this, I’m currently humming Senorita. His voice is so incredibly unique, and his melodies are so melodic. This channel launched on January 19, 2011. He was raised in Ontario, Canada, and is well-known for his rock-pop and pop music. He also plays the piano, plays the guitar, and sings. He is currently 22 years old and has already attained widespread international fame.

Senorita, Can’t imagine, Dream, Always been You, Look up at the Stars, The Christmas song, Piece of YouHigher, 24 hours, and many others are some of my favorite videos on his channel.

11.3 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS OF JUST FOR LAUGH GAGS This channel exists to keep you guys laughing and to lift your spirits. This channel launched on January 14, 2007. What makes this channel funny? It consists of humorous videos, practical jokes, costume jokes, and other entertaining videos. This channel was founded by Jacques Chevalier. The channel is run by Howie Mandel.

One of the top YouTube channels from Canada is this one. This is a silent comedy channel that may make you laugh even if no words are spoken.

24.3 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS TO DRAKEVEVO One of Canada’s most popular YouTubers is the artist Drake. He is a well-known singer, businessman, actor, and rapper. He also writes music. Gods Plan is my personal favorite track on his album. He is from Ontario, Canada, and is famous and loved all around the world for rocking the music industry. This channel launched on June 6, 2009.

What’s next (1.6 million views), Laugh now, Cry later (267 million views), Time flies (13 million views), Desires (14 million views), When to say When (53 million subscribers), God’s Plan (1.2 billion views), etc. are some of his most popular videos on YouTube.

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12.7 MILLION VIEWS OF MRSUICIDESHEEP One of the top YouTube channels from Canada is this one. The creator of the Mr. Suicide Sheep channel is Josh Carr-Hilton. The channel launched on April 9, 2010. The best electronic and non-electronic music is featured on this music channel. The channel currently has 2884 videos.

June: something to Lose (67K views), Sub Lab: anything for you (109K views), Avaion: I Don’t Know Why (214K views), Ponette: wtf (162K views), etc. are recent uploads to the channel.

17.9 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS OF UNBOX THERAPY Luis Hilsenteger founded this well-known YouTube channel for Canada. He enjoys showcasing the world’s best items in all their diversity. Since the channel’s name alone provides information about its programming, This channel has so far posted 1910 videos. This channel launched on December 21st, 2010. The best unboxing videos regarding various products, devices, cutting-edge debuts, and technology can be found right here.

Do you want to discover which smartphone has recently been introduced to the market? Or how secure Apple MagSafe Wallet usage is? With live demonstrations, this channel offers all the answers to your questions. Recent videos on the channel include the unboxing of the Vivo X60 Pro Plus (2.3 million views), the unboxing of the Realme 8 and Realme 8 Pro (1.2 million views), etc.

9.6 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS OF ASAPSCIENCE On May 28, 2012, this well-liked science channel was established. Gregory Brown and Mitchell Mitch Moffit are the channel’s founders and hosts. This is an educational channel that seeks to present some reasonable explanations for various scientific subjects. The information on the channel goes beyond the dry facts we’ve all read in books since we were kids. How much sleep is necessary for an average person’s body to function properly?

What the covid vaccination does to the body (4.9 Million views), why emotional tears are different (227K views), why eyebrows are more vital than eyeballs (328K views), and many other fascinating scientific facts are just a few of the many on the channel.

6.99 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS OF EPIC MEAL TIME Harley Morenstein and Sterling Toth are the channel’s owner and creators. Food channel Huge Meal Time is well known for its epic dinners. The channel launched on September 30, 2010. You may discover humor, cooking, and parody here. There are frequent celebrity visits on the channel.

Epic flaming hot chicken and waffles, Glizzy lasagna, Sushi tower, gamer pancakes for soft teeth, and many other wonderful films are just a few of the delectable recipes on the channel to date.

UNCAGED 7.58 SUBSCRIBERS FOR MONSTERCAT This channel launched on July 2, 2011. We all are aware of how unstable and dynamic the music business is. Rock-pop may become popular at some times but may not be as popular on other days. Therefore, this channel was created to empower creative individuals, including artists, entrepreneurs, musicians, developers, and young and elderly influencers. In a nutshell, this is a talent search channel that offers aspiring artists the ideal stage to showcase their abilities.

Bossfight-Endgame (102K views), Tisoki and Grabbitz-Rolls Royce (118K views), Bad Computer-Destroy Me (134K views), Koven-Numb (125K views), etc. are some of the most watched music videos on the channel. One of the top YouTube channels from Canada is this one.

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SANTORO, Matthew SIGN-UPS: 6.28 MILLION One of the top Canadian YouTube channels is this one. Through his channel, Matthew is here to keep you engaged on your leisurely weekends. He is a YouTuber from Canada. He performs on YouTube and is also a comedian, educator, and motivational speaker. The channel launched on February 13, 2010.

5 Strange Addictions People Actually Have (104K Views), 5 Weird Living Creatures Created by Science (145K Views), 5 Scariest Let’s Not Meet Stories (140K Views), and many other unknown truths are there on the channel to offer you a taste of what you will find there.

THE 7.38 SUBSCRIBERS OF ITSFUNNEH A multi-genre channel, ItsFunneh features gaming, live broadcasts, daily fun videos, and a variety of other topics. One of the top Canadian YouTube channels, which debuted on September 2, 2011, is this one. Kat La and her brother Krew are the channel’s owners. They are both well-known Canadian gaming YouTubers who are capturing fans’ attention with their incredible Roblox and Minecraft gaming prowess.

The secret tower in Minecraft (1.3 million views), Roblox Baby City (1.4 million views), Roblox High Hells (1.1 million views), and others are recent uploads to the channel.

SUBSCRIBERS FOR WALK OFF THE EARTH: 4.02 MILLION There are currently 265 videos in the channel. The channel launched on July 31, 2008. Since 2006, the Canadian indie pop band Walk of the Earth has been performing. Gianni Nicassio, Joel Cassady, Sarah Blackwood, David Speirs, and Adam Michael make up the band. In order to show the world their musical magnificence, this five-piece band launched their youTube channel in 2008.

What’s Love Got to Do With It (2.4 views), Toxic-Walk Off the Earth Ft. Harm and Ease (1,000,000 views), Thunderstruck-Walk Off the Earth (1,000,000 views), etc. are a few of the most well-liked videos on their channel.

3.34 MILLION CUTEPOLISH SUBSCRIBERS Ladies!! For you all, the ideal channel for nail art. The YouTube channel Cutepolish is very incredible and stunning. It features a variety of adorable and current nail art designs that you may use for various events or gatherings. This channel is a great option for you if you want to discover chic nail care regimens that will give your nails a healthier and eye-catching appearance.

Easter Nail Art Beginners Using a Toothpick (21K views), Minimalistic Nail Art 2021 (33K views), Cute Nail Art 2021 (35K views), Luxurious Chanel Nail Art Designs (14K views), Disney Nail Art 2020 (34K views), and many others are some of the posted videos on the channel.

3,36,000,000 RCSPARKS STUDIO SUBSCRIBERS This channel was established on January 21st, 2008. This channel is exclusively for you if you enjoy building racing cars, RC fire engines, giant wheel trucks, and other similar items. Aaron Bidochka, the owner of this channel, turned his passion for miniature remote-controlled cars into a career.

Because he gives some of the rocking automobiles that we never imagined would be seen in such a large look, his YouTube channel has become quite popular. In other words, Bidochka turns the plaything cars and trucks you’ve played with into actual moving cars and trucks.

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1.19 MILLION HOUSE GAMERS AIRSOFT SUBSCRIBERS This channel launched on February 13th, 2012. You may learn about many airsoft guns on this channel. This airsoft channel is from Canada. You may learn about the best gun here, along with a thorough explanation of it. learn about shotguns, LMGs, SMGs, ARs, and sniper rifles. Know the many scopes that fit your guns as well.

This channel simulates video games like PubG’s battlefield and free fire, among others. Utilize this channel to get the greatest possible battlefield experience.

973K SUBSCRIBERS OF JUSREIGN There are currently 160 videos on this channel. The channel launched on July 15, 2009. This is a fun channel made by a brown Canadian man who entertains large audiences with his amazing comedic abilities. Jasmeet Singh Raina, a Canadian comedian, founded this channel.

Valentines as a Brown Boy (525K views), The Punjabi Wedding Breakdown (1.1M views), The Don Pardaan (735K Views), and other newly posted videos are just a few examples. He started this channel to raise awareness of the prejudice he experienced as a young Brown Guy living in Canada.

2YROLD CONVOS WITH 663 K SUBSCRIBERS The channel launched on May 19, 2013. This is a music and comedy channel from Canada. David and Ken are the owners of the channel. Davis and Kens Comedy Hour with music (1.1 K views), as well as various portions and variants of this show, have recently been uploaded to the channel.

We can also see David talking to his 2-year-old child in this show. Watch this father-son team on YouTube as they win hearts.

596K SUBSCRIBERS FOR SHANEICE CRYSTAL One of the top YouTube channels from Canada is this one. This channel launched on January 24, 2011. You can get a variety of life hacks, fashion advice, beauty advice, lifestyle stuff, etc. on this channel.

Bodycare, Hygiene and Outfits (53K views), Whitefox Boutique Try on Haul (19K subscribers), Whats dry regimen for your hair (88K views), and many other lifestyle videos are recent lifehacks on the channel.

581 K SUBSCRIBERS OF GLASS REFLECTION This channel launched on November 27, 2010. Tristan Gallant, a YouTuber from Canada, founded this channel. This channel primarily reviews animated television shows. Like which anime series are the best, which anime series led the market in sales, and which anime series are set to premiere in the near future.

The channel currently has 581K subscribers and more than 500 videos.
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CONCLUSION I hope you enjoyed looking at the stuff on these 20 top Canadian YouTube Channels. All of these channels, as well as the creators behind them, are well-liked both in Canada and beyond. Please share your thoughts about the story in the space provided below. We would sincerely appreciate your feedback. Smile while you still can.

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