Google is now providing Play Store betas for YouTube Music and TV, similar to the main Android client, to ostensibly test out new features beforehand.

Update 5/28: In recent days , attempting to return after leaving a beta results in the notice “Cant join, beta program has terminated.” Join the beta is still listed today (on Android) in the YouTube Music, YouTube TV, Google News, Clock, and Play Books sections.

As far as we know, Google never made the five apps’ beta versions available. These testing programs might have mistakenly leaked to the public while being meant only for Google employees. Even still, it’s strange that the sign-up form was available for such a long time.

Revision 5/11: Three additional Google apps have recently introduced betas:

Google News Beta versions are still not accessible. While waiting, we were able to successfully sign up for the YouTube Music beta, and 5.06 was then installed. Joining the beta will provide you earlier (and/or instant) access to the version that is now being rolled out in stages and is the stable release as of today (5.05). (and not yet widely available).

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Original (5/10, 4:49 PT): You can register directly on the site or through the mobile Play Store listings:

YouTube Music YouTube TV Although neither application currently has a beta release available, the Play Store is taking an absurdly lengthy time to acknowledge your membership. For the entire afternoon, it has been stuck on the step “Joining beta” in my instance.

The beta program that the YouTube app has long provided is now being made available to the other big clients. For either YouTube Kids or Studio, there are no previews.

The fact that YouTube is even launching a beta for Music is quite intriguing considering that the service more so than the typical Google app pushes out features via A/B tests. It’s possible that people who have signed up for the beta channel will get access to more server-side previews.

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