Despite its incredibly aggressive microtransaction strategies, Diablo Immortal is a pleasant free-to-play game that allows for speedy leveling without spending any money. This tutorial seeks to put out in front of you how you can level up quickly if you’re considering playing the game or have already begun playing.

We’ve discovered some pretty simple ways to level up your character quickly after playing Diablo Immortal for a very long period. However, keep in mind that in order to see benefits, you will probably need to play consistently. If you don’t want to spend any money, that is. Aside from the battle pass, you may not want to pay any money (which we do recommend you pick up).

There is a ton of stuff in the campaign of Diablo Immortal to help you get past the first few levels. However, there are a multitude of alternative ways to gain experience points. And we’re going to explain everything to you.


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Diablo Immortal How To Level Up Fast 3

We’re going to start by recommending grinding the battle pass. You can acquire experience without purchasing the $5 pass. Nevertheless, it will bring about additional benefits.

You must finish a number of activities in order to grind the battle pass, whether it is the enhanced version or the free version. Additionally, you must first proceed through the game to acquire the battle pass.

You should reach level 15-20 after completing the game’s campaign, at which point you’ll need to complete the Ashwold Cemetery and Ashwold Manor questlines. After that, you ought to receive a notification stating that the battle pass is now available.

Advertisement Tap on the codex to find the combat pass and the associated tasks or activities. Additionally, we advise you to save your battle pass achievements after battle pass rank 10 for use in later levels. These can yield a significant quantity of experience points, and between 35 and 45, you’ll experience slowdowns. For the campaign to continue, having battle pass tasks to do can close the level disparity.

Of course, leveling up through completing the campaign is the simplest and best approach for a while. at least throughout the game’s earliest stages. Leveling through the campaign will slow significantly as you reach levels 30-35. At this stage, using the battle pass turn-ins is advised.

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Advertisement There are two primary factions in Diablo Immortal. The Immortals and the Shadows. After reaching level 30, you should be able to access the introduction to these factions, at which point you can follow a questline to join one of them. We chose Shadows, therefore we’ll utilize them as our example in this case.

You’ll be able to perform Shadow Contracts and a variety of other activities for the Shadow faction after you join. Initially, you have access to three Shadow Contracts, but you will soon only be allowed to use one per day. Make sure you perform these as often as you can because they provide significant experience points.

The Shadow Assembly is yet another daily event for the Shadows. Between 6 and 8 p.m., Monday through Saturday, this will take place. It just takes around 10 minutes to do this incredibly high xp activity, thus it is definitely worthwhile.

Advertisement Beyond that, you can engage in other Shadow activities like robbing the vault and finishing the Path of Blood’s floors, among others. Most faction actions have the potential to offer substantial xp rewards. And the majority of these can be done every day. Do these frequently.


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The daily bounties in Diablo Immortal are another option to level up quickly. These unlock shortly after landing in Westmarch and are accessible before the faction opportunities. In reality, exploring Westmarch and being familiar with the various items you can interact with there will be a component of the primary questline.

Advertisement The bounty board will be one of these. Once you locate it, return there each time you log in to complete the rewards that are at your disposal. You will simply have four extra bounties to complete the following time if you miss a day. These may stack in an aggregate of 24. Therefore, even if you skip a whole work week of gaming, you can still complete all 24 the following time you log on.

Bounties not only award you with experience points but also frequently contain legendary items that you can disassemble for raw materials. You can get gold as a reward through bounties. So, in addition to the xp for leveling, there are plenty other reasons to do these.

Diablo Immortal How To Level Up Fast 6″>RUN ELDER RIFTS

Diablo Immortal How To Level Up Fast 6

Advertisement Elder Rifts are yet another fantastic opportunity to level up and acquire some experience points. You won’t have to spend a lot of time on each one because they are all quite short and easy to finish. Additionally, you can use the rare crests you get and the admittedly meager number of legendary crests that don’t cost money to kill monsters to gain higher prizes in addition to the experience you gain from doing so.

RAIDS AND DUNGEONS Diablo Immortal How To Level Up Fast 8

Diablo Immortal How To Level Up Fast 8

Some of the tasks in the battle pass section of the codex require you to finish dungeons or raids. Additionally, a brand-new activity that offers double experience points will be added each day. There will be moments when these are dungeons, but not always. You are free to repeatedly run dungeons for twice experience points during those days.

Advertisement Additionally, you have a chance to receive some quality item drops. Finding a group is still advised because the monsters will be more difficult and you’ll get more experience points from killing them and finishing the dungeons. Fortunately, Diablo Immortal’s dungeons contain a party finder mechanic that makes it simple to locate other players that share your goals.

DO NOT SLEEP ON THE BEASTIARY PAGES. Diablo Immortal: How to Level Up Quickly.

The Beastiary pages are our final suggestion for fantastic xp rewards. You need to gather monster essence to finish a Beastiary page. which you will at random acquire as you eliminate adversaries throughout the world, including demons.

Since you’ll be killing adversaries while performing bounties and contracts, this is a fantastic way to gain experience points. Additionally, you are slaying opponents in rifts, dungeons, and pretty much all other content. Consequently, be sure to seize the monster essence as soon as you see it. Once you have collected ten of them, you can exchange them at the Beastiary, which is located in each zone’s central hub.

One of the best places to get legendary gear drops is the Beastiary. So, in addition to gaining experience, there is another benefit. And the sooner you can do the game’s many activities, the better your equipment. If you haven’t played Diablo Immortal , you may download it via Google Play, iOS, or the launcher on a PC.


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