You may already be aware that updating your Pixel 6 series phone to Android 13 puts an end to your experience with Android 12 permanently. Android 12 cannot be reverted by users. That still exists, but Google is giving app developers the choice to use their Pixel 6 devices with Android 12 instead.

Developers of Pixel 6 Series apps can now go over to Android 12 Before we go there, it’s important to note that users cannot go back to Android 12 for a reason. With the earlier bootloader on the Pixel 6 series, there is a security flaw. The insecure version linked to Android 12 can no longer be reinstalled thanks to Android 13.

Having said that, Google has chosen to grant developers access because they have a good reason to. Google accomplished this by publishing Pixel-specific Android 12 Developer Support images. According to the firm, the goal of these versions is to offer a system and app experience that closely resembles how Android 12 would operate on a typical user’s device.

Advertisement The manufacturer also stated that the 12L feature drop and stable, public releases of Android 12 (API level 31) are used to create these system images (API level 32). They come with an improved bootloader that has security updates and an increased anti-rollback counter.

DO NOT DO IT IF YOU ARE A REGULAR USER. It’s possible that some of you have already decided to install such images on your daily drivers and revert that way. Well, not quite yet. Developer Support builds, according to Google, are intended solely for developers and are not suited for general use.

Security updates and an updated anti-rollback counter have only been added to the bootloader. The offering excludes other security patches, and those builds won’t receive OTA updates.

Advertisement So, if you’re a developer, only install these. If you are, you can choose whether to flash them manually or use the Android Flash Tool. Please be aware that if you return to Android 13 after doing this, all user data will be erased. By using the links below, you may read more about the procedure.

Flash Android 12 (API level 31) Developer Support image
Flash Android 12L (API level 32) Developer Support image


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