Since its inception, Google’s Wear OS platform has supported iOS, however the release of Wear OS 3 raised concerns about the platform’s continued support. We now have a solution.

THE GALAXY WATCH 4 IS UNCOMPATIBLE WITH IOS In August of last year, the Galaxy Watch 4 became the first wristwatch to include Wear OS 3. And that has persisted up to this day.

The release of the Galaxy Watch 4 effectively marked the beginning of a new era for Wear OS, one that lacked support for the iPhone right away. Instead, Samsung exclusively offered support for Android-powered phones, with the best support, of course, going to its Galaxy-branded products.

Samsung notes requirements for the Galaxy Watch 4 are as follows:
suitable for Android 6.0 or later, above 1.5GB RAM.

The Wear OS 3-based smartwatch from Samsung specifically stated that iOS support was not available, although it never provided an explanation. Because previous Tizen smartwatches can connect to iOS devices, it was believed that Wear OS 3 was the cause of Samsung’s decision to stop supporting iPhones.

The Pixel Watch, which was introduced in May and features compatibility notes that only mention the wearable functioning with Android devices, has added to this theory.

At least in that situation, there is still a great deal we don’t know.

THE MONTBLANC SUMMIT 3 WILL SUPPORT IPHONE IF YOU WEAR OS 3 However, it turns out that this does not seem to be a Wear OS 3 platform restriction.

In an interview with Wareable , Qualcomm revealed that the upcoming Montblanc Summit 3, the first smartwatch using Wear OS 3 that is not made by Samsung, will work with the iPhone.

This is a crucial point for Wear OS moving forward because the platform has traditionally relied on high-end fashion labels like Montblanc, Tag Heuer, and the different Fossil Group brands for its meager success.

Support for the iPhone is significant, especially for those partners. Wear OS is the only fully-formed smartwatch platform that permits, if not encourages, the round shapes that are more typical on these trendy smartwatches, despite the fact that the Apple Watch is the wristwatch of choice for the majority of iPhone owners.

In July, the Montblanc Summit 3 with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 4100 CPU goes on sale for $1,290.
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