THIS DISCOUNT HAS ENDED. For the newest offers and more, make sure to follow AA1 on Twitter. Sign-up for our newsletters to receive daily email updates of our top deals. The start of a new workweek signals the arrival of a brand-new batch of Android software offers from Google Play. Before you explore all of the app offers down below, be sure to check out the unlocked Google Pixel 6 Pro has dropped even lower and this offer on the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 . Forager, Crying Suns, Forest Golf Planner, Teslagrad, SPHAZE: Sci-fi Puzzle Game, Codex of Victory, and other games are among the highlights of our collection. For a detailed look at Monday’s top Android game and software discounts, proceed after the break.

BEST ANDROID APP DEALS OF THE DAY: SPHAZE: Forager Crying Suns Forest Golf Planner, a futuristic puzzle game Teslagrad Along with this 2022 Amazon low on the Googles refreshed Wifi Mesh System , the unlocked Google Pixel 6 Pro has dropped even lower will be the focus of Monday’s finest Android hardware buys. Additionally, you can get 512GB of microSD storage with Samsungs PRO Plus card at new lows and SanDisks 500GB Extreme SSD for some extra portable space. Just make sure to look at our smartphone accessories roundup and the current Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 offer.

STILL AVAILABLE ANDROID APP DEALS: MORE ABOUT FORAGER Your favorite exploration, farming, and crafting video games served as inspiration for the 2D open world game Forager. assemble, amass, and manage resources. Create structures and useful objects. Create and expand a base from nothing. Invest in land to grow and discover. Obtain whatever you desire! You have the option; decide what objectives you want to pursue. Start off modestly and develop your foundation, knowledge, tools, network of allies and opponents, and future as you see fit!

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