For the newest offers and more, make sure to follow AA1 on Twitter. Sign-up for our newsletters to receive daily email updates of our top deals. Our Thursday afternoon roundup of the top Android app deals is now here. We are now watching the initial discount on Samsung’s all-new Galaxy Buds 2 Pro in addition to continued price reductions on Lenovo’s latest Flex 5 Chromebook . Headliner deals for applications include Lumino City, Swim Out, Death Road to Canada, Lichtspeer, FRAMED 2, Getting Over It, and many others. For a detailed look at the greatest Android game and software discounts today, proceed over the jump.

THE BEST ANDROID APP DEALS OF THE DAY: The Swim Out Death Road to Canada from Lumino City Overcoming It Framed Lichtspeer Framed 2 The first discount on Samsung’s all-new Galaxy Buds 2 Pro is the highlight of today’s Android hardware promotions, which also include ongoing discounts on Lenovo’s latest Flex 5 Chromebook , as well as our first look at the brand-new Bose QuietComfort II earbuds . Offers on Seagate’s custom RGB 2,000MB/s Firecuda 2TB portable SSD and everything in today’s smartphone accessories roundup are also included in the $50 price reduction.

STILL AVAILABLE ANDROID APP DEALS: DEATH ROAD TO CANADA: MORE INFORMATION A randomly generated action-RPG road trip, Death Road to Canada. You are in charge of a bunch of jerks who explore cities, meet oddballs, and battle up to 500 zombies at once. Locations, events, survivor personalities, and skills are all arbitrary. Every time you play, a new tale is told. From Florida, take the Death Road to Canada, the final country on Earth. Discover unique recruits, exceptional encounters, and special events. A grunting super-bodybuilder with the strength to lift and throw the car should be sought out. Try teaching a dog to stand up straight and fire a toy gun.

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