The pre-paid Pixel 6/Pro bundle discounts from $600 is included in all of today’s top offers, along with record-low prices on the brand-new LG TONE Free FP9 ANC earbuds . Additionally an refurbished Philips Hue sale from $16 . Check out the most recent 9to5Toys Lunch Break after the break for all of that and more.

ADVANCED PIXEL 6/PRO SMARTPHONES FROM GOOGLE SEE PRE-PAID DISCOUNTS A pair of pre-paid discounts for Googles latest smartphones are currently being offered by Visible Wireless. Currently, the Pixel 6 Pro can be yours for $888 comes with a free $300 gift card to any store of your choosing. This is the finest opportunity to save money in 2022 thus far and one of the first deals of the year on the device. It is within $10 of the best deal we’ve seen so far.

With a number of impressive specifications that all fit into the new form-factor, the Pixel 6 Pro plays up to its reputation as Google’s latest flagship smartphone . The Google Tensor chipset, which powers its 6.7-inch AMOLED 120Hz display for the first time, is complemented by 128GB of onboard storage and 12GB of RAM. Add the 50MP triple camera array on the back, and you have a very competent phone. Explore our in-depth review for more information.

UV DISINFECTING CASE HIT LG TONE FREE FP9 ANC EARBUDS $136 Currently, Amazon sells the LG TONE Free FP9 True Wireless ANC Headphones for $137 . You can save 32% on each of these by purchasing them for less than their regular $200 price in both white and black styles. Since its premiere in the fall of last year, the black version has experienced only the third price reduction, bringing the price of the white model to an all-time low.

The LG latest earbuds debuts with the anticipated fully wireless design, active noise cancellation, and an engrossing 3D Sound Stage. The UVnano charging case, which in addition to extending the battery life to 24 hours, also disinfects the buds when it’s time to recharge, is the true innovative feature of the earbuds. Check out our launch coverage to get a better look at what to anticipate.

REFURBISHED PHILIPS HUE SALE FROM $16 Woot is offering pre-paid Pixel 6/Pro bundle discounts from $600 0 at a discount today only. You may get a variety of pre-paid Pixel 6/Pro bundle discounts from $600 1 bulbs at the sale, including traditional White and Color Ambiance bulbs as well as innovative filament options, candle lights, and pre-paid Pixel 6/Pro bundle discounts from $600 2.

Along with many other options, accent lighting may be added to your house in a variety of ways, from TV bias packages for more immersive movie nights to outside lights to illuminate the patio. Everything is available at the lowest prices of the year and has a 90-day warranty. All of our top recommendations may be seen on page pre-paid Pixel 6/Pro bundle discounts from $600 3.

NEW ALL-TIME LOW FOR GOOGLES’ LATEST NEST SMART THERMOSTAT IS $60. The pre-paid Pixel 6/Pro bundle discounts from $600 4 is accessible at Best Buy. Today’s offer, which is now available at Amazon for $126, is a new record low for us to keep track of. Although most homes may use this smart thermostat without a C line, there are a few particular settings where you’ll require that extra connection, including heat pump systems, cooling alone, and a few others.

The newest model of Nest, the pre-paid Pixel 6/Pro bundle discounts from $600 5, is built to save you money on heating and cooling by turning itself down when you leave, preventing you from conditioning an empty house. Additionally, you’ll discover that it supports Google Assistant voice commands, programming, and automations, as well as a smartphone app that enables remote configuration of the device. Additionally, the Savings Finder offers advice on ways to cut costs and makes schedule suggestions to help you get the most out of your heating and cooling efforts. with a 90-day warranty at delivery. Our hands-on review will give you a deeper look.

$55 FOR ANKERS USB 5-OUTLET CUBBY ORGANIZER The pre-paid Pixel 6/Pro bundle discounts from $600 6 is available via the official Anker storefront on Amazon. This item usually costs $70, thus the 21% discount represents a new low price record for us to keep track of, surpassing our previous mention by $5. This cubby is ideal for entertainment centers where there will be many power connections and a requirement for organization because it has five AC outlets and three USB ports.

Dual 1,200-joule surge protectors are installed next to these outlets to keep your equipment secure even during power spikes. Charger cables can be secured with three magnetic cable clips, which will keep them on the lid of the cubby for easy access. To swiftly switch power to the connected devices, press the power button on the unit’s outside.

TRADE-IN DEALS OFFER Every month, 9to5Google monitors all of the top trade-in offers on Android smartphones and other devices. When it comes time to upgrade your gadget, remember to pre-paid Pixel 6/Pro bundle discounts from $600 7. If you want to recycle, exchange, or sell your old devices for cash while also supporting 9to5Google along the way, just pre-paid Pixel 6/Pro bundle discounts from $600 8.

pre-paid Pixel 6/Pro bundle discounts from $600 9
LG TONE Free FP9 ANC earbuds 0
LG TONE Free FP9 ANC earbuds 1
LG TONE Free FP9 ANC earbuds 2

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LG TONE Free FP9 ANC earbuds 4


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