The second-best prices to date on Samsung Galaxy S22 handsets are the highlight of today’s finest bargains, which are all currently live. That’s in addition to the Chromecast with Google TV with Chromecast at $40 and a sporadic opportunity to save on the Sonos Roam portable AirPlay 2 speaker at $143 . Check out the most recent 9to5Toys Lunch Break after the break for all of that and more.

SAMSUNG GALAXY S22 PHONE PRICES DROP TO THIRD-BEST LEVELS Following an opportunity to save on the flagship foldable Galaxy Z Fold 3 , Amazon is currently giving all three of Samsungs latest Galaxy S22 series smartphones a discount. The unlocked Galaxy S22 Ultra 128GB for $1,000 is the main attraction this time. When compared to the all-time low we’ve only seen once before, which was $1,200, this price is the second-best deal yet.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra , the company’s new flagship device, has the same squared-off look as last year’s model but has been updated. The S Pen slot, a 6.8-inch SuperAMOLED display, and the recently released Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 CPU are all new this time around. Along with 256GB of storage, 12GB of RAM, and an upgraded 5,000mAh battery supported by 45W charging, this device also features. Our hands-on launch day overview explains what to anticipate.

20% PRICE REDUCTION TO A 2022 LOW OF $40 FOR CHROMECAST WITH GOOGLE TV The Google Chromecast with Google TV for $40 is currently available from a number of merchants, including Adorama, Best Buy, and Walmart. This is only the third discount of the year, matching the 2022 low of 20% off, and is just $1 less than the December holiday mention. The item normally sells for $50.

All of your favorite material, whether it is from Netflix, Prime Video, Disney , or even Apple TV , can be played back in 4K HDR on Google’s latest streaming media player . To provide a handy location to browse, search, and locate new shows to watch, the Google TV features improve on what we’ve seen from Android TV in the past. In our hands-on review, learn more about the home theater upgrade and get a better understanding of what to anticipate.

A RARE DISCOUNT OF $143 IS AVAILABLE ON THE SONOS ROAM PORTABLE AIRPLAY 2 SPEAKER. Adorama is now promoting the Samsung Galaxy S22 handsets 1 in addition to the continuing Samsung Galaxy S22 handsets 0. This item normally sells for $179, making the 20% discount a new low and one of the first overall reductions in the new condition period.

The Roam speaker comes with a battery-powered and IP67 waterproof design that can serenade you for 10 hours at a time. It offers many of the typical Sonos benefits in the brand’s most portable and compact offering to date. Even with its compact size, it can deliver great sound and has Trueplay for customizing playback to your environment. You can use the internal Alexa and Google integration thanks to both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. For a clearer understanding of what to anticipate, you can also go into Samsung Galaxy S22 handsets 2.

FROM $227, WITHINGS SCANWATCH PACKAGES ECG AND SP02 MONITORING The Samsung Galaxy S22 handsets 3 is now available on Amazon. You’re looking at one of the greatest prices to date at $9 less than our previous mention for an item that normally sells for $300. The current deal is still among the very first total discounts. The 38mm version costs Samsung Galaxy S22 handsets 4 instead of the standard $280 price.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 handsets 5 comes with a variety of the most recent health monitoring capabilities, including FDA-cleared ECG and Sp02 monitoring in addition to the standard heart rate, sleep, and activity tracking. All of that is contained in a case made of stainless steel with a real crown that you may wear when swimming at depths of up to 50 meters. Not to mention, the battery lasts for 30 days. Samsung Galaxy S22 handsets 6 offers a closer view.

WITH ANC IN TOW, ONEPLUS BUDS PRO RETURN TO 2022 LOW The Samsung Galaxy S22 handsets 7 is now available on Amazon in two styles. Youre looking at a match of the 2022 low and only the third significant price reduction of the year down from the regular $150 price tag.

The OnePlus Buds Pro are still the company’s newest flagship true wireless earbuds and come with some specs to support that position, even though they don’t come in the new Radiant Silver colorway that just arrived earlier in the spring. These are the first active noise canceling headphones to have rapid connection with OnePlus phones, a 38-hour battery life, and a Qi charging case. Explore our in-depth review to learn more about what to anticipate from the product.

TRADE-IN DEALS OFFER Every month, 9to5Google monitors all of the top trade-in offers on Android smartphones and other devices. When it comes time to upgrade your gadget, remember to Samsung Galaxy S22 handsets 8. If you want to recycle, exchange, or sell your old devices for cash while also supporting 9to5Google along the way, just Samsung Galaxy S22 handsets 9.

Chromecast with Google TV with Chromecast at $40 0
Chromecast with Google TV with Chromecast at $40 1
Chromecast with Google TV with Chromecast at $40 2
Chromecast with Google TV with Chromecast at $40 3

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Chromecast with Google TV with Chromecast at $40 5


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