The 2021 Kansas City Renaissance Festival will take place from 4 September until 17 October. Since Kansas has observed the event since the 16th century, citizens of the cities exhibit a certain thrill as the celebration draws near.

People in old-style traditional clothing may be seen walking the streets of the city, which has been transformed into a fair. To participate in the festivals’ cuisine or games, you must purchase tickets. The tickets for the Renaissance Fair in 2021 do not currently offer any discounts, but when September draws near, the tickets with the discounts will be made available on this website.

Since Queen Elizabeth I’s reign in the 16th century, the Renaissance Celebration has been held annually. However, following World War II, the festival gained popularity in America. With people walking around in king’s robes and eating traditional dishes in restaurants, the Renaissance Festival commemorates and recalls the city’s old past.

THE DISCOUNTS FOR THE 2019 KANSA CITY RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL WERE You can get tickets online and save $11 on each one. You will receive a greater discount than usual if you purchase more than 10 tickets at once. Please call (913) 721-2110 for further information.

The cost of the adult tickets is $19.95. Children’s tickets would cost $11.50. Additionally, discounted tickets are available at the festival’s participating venues.
ADMISSION FEES FOR GATE For those in various age categories, there are varied gate admission fees.

For adults, the admission fee is $22.95 For the kids, the ticket would cost $13.95 (5-12) For seniors and students, the gate admission ticket would cost $20.25. Children under 4 are admitted free to the festival. This time, you only need to pay $10 for gate entrance to bring your dog to the KC Ren Fest. BUNDLE OFFER An average discount of 20% is being offered by Groupon on one-day gate entrance. Just $59.50 will be required if you purchase four tickets. If you purchase two adult and two child tickets online, you can save up to $3.40, and if you purchase them at the door, you can save up to $14.30.

But you must read this note before purchasing the discounted tickets.
These tickets are only valid through October 13, so they cannot be used on October 14 for Columbus Day.
Only families with one adult and three children or two adults and two children are eligible for the family offer for four persons.
CONTESTS FOR THE KANSAS CITY RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL For both children and adults, the event includes a variety of competitions and games. which are

Competition for Fairy Houses: Contestants receive two free tickets for gate access. Just $10 in registration fees and the competition form must be submitted once within the first three weekends.

The Wondrous Warriors Mural Competition is free to enter, and winners will each receive four free tickets to the main entrance.
There will also be a photo contest for those who enjoy taking pictures. The contest’s specifics have not yet been revealed.

LOCATION OF THE FESTIVAL AND PARKING The Kansas City Renaissance Festival is situated at 633 N. 130th Street in Bonner Springs, Kansas, 15 minutes west of downtown Kansas City.

Throughout the entire Kansas Renaissance Festival, parking would be free.
Dates and themes for the Kansas City Renaissance Festival weekend First Weekend: August 31 and September 2.
Swashbucklers and Sirens is the theme.
Second Weekend: 7 and 8 September
Shamrocks and shenanigans is the theme.
Third Weekend: September 14 and September 15,
Theme: Fury and Fury: Barbarians at the gate
Fourth weekend: September 21 and September 22,
Celtic Games theme
Fifth weekend: September 28 and September 29,
Wine and Romantic Rendezvous is the theme.
5 and 6 October, the sixth weekend
Theme: Fantasy wanderlust
seventh weekend: October 12 and October 13.
Oktoberfest theme
October 14 is Discovery Day

CONCLUSION Discovery Day, which was observed on October 14, 2019, was the last day of the Kansas City Renaissance Festival. As of currently, there are no discounts available for the 2021 Kansas City Renaissance Festival. For more information about the Kansas City Renaissance Festival, keep checking deasilex.

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