For Hyakkimaru and Dororo, it has been a while since they have appeared on the screen. After 50 years, they are now returning to the internet. A manga character from the 1960s is named Dororo. The characters will be revisited, as planned by MAPPA. No matter how long it takes, a few programs always find their way into viewers’ hearts, including those of millennials and baby boomers. Expectations nevertheless remain. The expectations now lean more toward a traditional plot. But there are a lot of questions nonetheless. We’re here to respond, too.

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Anime Like Sasaki and Miyano The history of the tale is quite old. Beginning in 1960 as a result of manga adaptations. In 1969, Dororo made its premiere with 26 episodes. And on April 6, 1969, the series’ first episode aired. The series’ writer and illustrator are both Osamu Tezuka. And Osamu’s creation has helped him gain a lot of popularity. Unfortunately, it was only able to last a year before being cancelled. Its anime adaptation later became the series’s very first. Nearly 60 years later, it still has a significant impact on people. Additionally, there is a metamorphosis taking place in several forms.

Blood Will Tell, a video game from the series, made a comeback in 2004. However, it was unable to live up to business expectations. After 60 years, MAPPA finally made the decision to give it a shot. As a result, in 2019 it attracted attention and catered to the new generation. The 24 episodes of the series were broadcast beginning in January 2019 and running through June 2019. The program was broadcast on the Dororo Blu-ray box set. Fans are now impatiently awaiting the second season of the show.

We were given a movie back in 2007, but there were some noticeable alterations. Despite being a girl, Dororo decided not to act like a respectable woman. Compared to the series as a whole, Hyakkimaru and Dororo are much older. Later, the movie’s setting changed from Japan’s Sengoku Era to a post-apocalyptic future.

DORORO SEASON 2 will be released on. We still don’t have any confirmation of the release, which is unfortunate. Regarding the release date or any assurance for making, MAPPA has remained silent. However, this portion has the smallest likelihood. The plot of the most recent anime had a satisfying and appropriate finale. Thus, in order to renew, creators must have a clear goal and a fresh plot. But not a single Dororo property has ever been renewed following the manga’s conclusion.

We were given a preview of Hyakkimaru’s future in the final episode of the 2019 anime. In the prior episode, Biwamaru mentioned the main character’s future travels. Despite the fact that the main plot of the series has concluded, there is a chance for Dororo Season 2 because to Hyakkimarus’ new voyage. Hyakkimaru might get all of his bodily parts, which would give anime a chance to grow again.

Although there has been no announcement or confirmation, there is a chance for a sequel. We do need to wait for formal confirmation, even after the wonderful opportunity. Additionally, the rollout will begin now and will almost take a full year to complete. Therefore, the drop in 2021 will be the correct prediction.

DORORO SEASON 2’s plot If the season one primary storyline is maintained, MAPPA will need to develop a new plot. The studio might go on with Hyakkimarus getting all of his body parts in order to exact retribution. Hyakkimaru, on the other hand, will travel a road of humanity. We can only speculate at this time; the rest is up to the creators.

Although different fans have varying hopes for the plot, others believe that the focus will instead move to Dororo, the game’s main character. His sexuality has now been made public, and it will be fascinating to observe his life as a woman. But there is no proof of it; it is only a figment of the imagination. We eventually hope for the same fresh possibility.

DOROROS ENDING VS. PS2 VIDEO GAME COMPARISON The tale had a conclusion even though it was canceled. Upon regaining his sight, Hyakkimaru discovers that Dororo is a female. 2019’s Episode 9 made the revelation. But Dororo has never been a feminist. In contrast to him, Hyakkimaru encourages her to join the farmer’s uprising. He also gave Dororo his sword, which she was attempting to steal from him. Dororo was left sobbing at the door by Hyakkimaru. Additionally, he made a promise to see her once his expedition was over. The death of 48 devils, however, took 50 years.

In the video game Blood Will Tell, Hyakkimaru learns that killing Dororo will allow him to restore his arm. He spent his five years accumulating spiritual power in order to expel a demon from Dororo. Following the exorcism procedure, he hugs Dororo, who has now transformed into a stunning woman.


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